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B.E. / B.Arch. Admissions 2080 at Pulchowk Campus

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Institute of Engineering (IOE) Building

B.E./B.Arch. Admissions 2080 at Pulchowk Campus

The Pulchowk Campus, a constituent of the Institute of Engineering (IOE), has announced its admission process for Bachelor's level programs in Engineering (B.E.) and Architecture (B.Arch.) for the academic year 2080. Candidates aspiring to join this prestigious institution must clear the entrance examination organized by the Entrance Examination Board.

Key Dates and Online Application Process

  • Application Opening: Interested candidates can begin applying online from 10:00 am on Mangsir 07, 2080.
  • Application Deadline: The online application window closes at 3:00 PM on Mangsir 10, 2080.

For more information, applicants can visit the official campus website at or directly contact the campus for guidance.

Step-by-Step Online Application Guide

  1. Accessing the Form: The online application form will be accessible from 10:00 am on Mangsir 07, 2080, until 3:00 pm on Mangsir 10, 2080.
  2. Form Submission: After completing the form, applicants must print the Confirmation Page as proof of submission.
  3. Subject Priority: Applicants need to select their preferred subjects in order of priority.
  4. Document Upload: A scanned copy of citizenship is mandatory for nationals, while foreign applicants must upload a certified passport copy or a photo-attested certificate by the respective embassy.
  5. Quota Applications: Those applying for quota seats must fill the form specifically marked for quotas. Applicants can also apply for open seats, but if selected for a quota seat, their open seat application will be withdrawn.

Important Considerations for Applicants

  • Program Priorities: Applicants can choose up to 16 program priorities. Admission will be based on the rank and the order of priorities specified in the application.
  • Merit-Based Admission: If an applicant is selected for a lower priority program, they will automatically be considered for higher priority programs in subsequent lists.
  • Program Selection: Once admitted to a higher priority program, switching to a lower priority program is not permitted.
  • Enrollment in Designated Programs: If selected for a lower priority program, applicants must enroll in that program to be eligible for subsequent higher priority program consideration.

Aspiring students should carefully consider their program priorities and ensure all required documents are ready before applying. The Pulchowk Campus offers a rigorous and esteemed academic environment, making it a sought-after choice for engineering and architecture aspirants. Remember, thorough preparation and timely application are key to securing a place in this prestigious institution.

Download Admission Details (BE/BArch.) 2080.PDF

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