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BSC CSIT Admission Entrance Exam Application Open from TUIOST

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Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology Studies, Dean's Office, Examination Branch, Balkhu Information regarding the entrance examination for the admission of new students for the year 2079 in the four-year Bachelor's Degree Computer Science and Information Technology (BSC CSIT) subject.

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology Studies Constituent campuses and affiliated colleges in the name of students who are interested in enrolling in the four-year bachelor's degree in computer science and information technology (BSC CSIT) subject, which is taught according to the grading system according to the semester examination system; For the year 2079, the following entrance exam and new admission program have been published.

Program related to Entrance Exam:

Applicants have to submit the application online through the website related to the entrance examination of the Institute of Science and Technology Studies. The said webpage will be deployed from 10:00 AM on 23rd May 2079.

- Application form submission date: 23-5-23 2079 from 10:00 am to 26-6-2079.

- Double Fee: from 27-6-2079 to 27-7-2079.

- Application form fees: Entrance examination fee Rs. 1,500.- (literally one thousand five hundred only).

- Date of Entrance Exam: Saturday 19th Kartik 2079 from 12:00 PM.

- Examination Center: To be published later.

For detailed information, the webpage can be downloaded from

Published Date: 2079-05-15

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