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BVSc & AH and BSc Fisheries program Admission Open from Agriculture and Forestry University

Admission 01 Mar 2022 1524 0

BVSc AH and BSc Fisheries program Admission Open from Agriculture and Forestry University

For the academic year 2078/079, the application for the students who have reached the minimum educational qualification required to study in the BVSc & AH / BSc Fisheries program conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Veterinary Medicine, and Fisheries, Rampur, Chitwan. The following are the details of the recruitment program.

1) Minimum educational qualification required:

Passed at least Second Class or C + Grade in SEE / SLC or equivalent examination from a recognized educational institution. Must have studied Mathematics and Physics subject of at least 50 Marks and have passed at least 50% of the total marks or C Grade in each of the above-mentioned subjects as well as C + Grade (2.4 CGPA) in the total marks. In the case of both Theory and Practical, the subject should be at least a C grade. If the application form is filled out without qualification, the application form will be disqualified and the applicant will not be included in the entrance examination.

2) Date and time of application: The application form can be filled out online by logging on to from 13th Falgun, 2078 to 12:00 pm on 30th Falgun, 2078. If there is any difficulty in the application process, Technical assistance can be obtained by contacting [email protected] No action will be taken on the online application which is not duly filled.

3) Application Form and Entrance Examination Fee: Rs. (Rs. 4,000 only) for single and Rs. 5,000 for application in both the programs should be deposited in account No. 00815264339 of Siddhartha Bank Ltd. in the name of FAVF Entrance Examination. But Direct Fund in that account Cannot transferred. The full name of the applicant and the applicant's own mobile number must be written in the name of the depositor in the bank voucher. Deposits in the name of more than one applicant in one mobile number will not be accepted. Online payments made through other means than the online payment link of will not be accepted. Money can be deposited online through eSewa, connect IPS / Siddhartha Bank Smart. The above fee will not be refunded even if the application is not sent properly or for any other reason

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