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IOE Entrance Exam (BE, BArch) 2077 - Institute of Engineering

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Tribhuvan University

IOE Entrance Exam (BE, BArch) 2077 - Institute of Engineering:

Tribhuvan University, Zak Engineering Studies Institute, Entrance Examination Board Notice regarding the entrance examination to be conducted for the admission of students of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) for the academic year 2077/078.

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering Studies, affiliated campuses, and affiliated colleges for the academic year 2077/2078 for the enrollment of students in various programs at the undergraduate (BE / B.Arch.) Level for the admission test conducted on the basis of information technology based on computer method 2077 Magh. This notice has been published for the information of all concerned as the Institute of Engineering Studies, Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICTU), Pulchwok will be operating according to the prescribed time and shift following the health standards of the Government of Nepal.

 The affiliated campuses and affiliated colleges run under the Institute of Engineering Studies are as follows:

Affiliated campuses:

1) Pulchowk Campus, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

2) Thapathali Campus, Thapathali, Kathmandu

3) Eastern Campus, Dharan

4) Western Campus, Pokhara

9) Chitwan Engineering Campus, Rampur, Chitwan

Affiliated colleges:

1) Kantipur Engineering College, Lalitpur

2) Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu

3) Himalayan College of Engineering, Lalitpur

4) Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur

5) National College of Engineering, Lalitpur

6) Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur

7) Janakpur Engineering College, Bhaktapur

5) KHP: College of Engineering, Bhaktapur

9) Sagarmatha Engineering College, Lalitpur

10) Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur

Programs Offered:

(1) Civil Engineering (2) Electrical Engineering (3) Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering (4) Mechanical Engineering (5) Computer Engineering (6) Agriculture Engineering (7) Industrial Engineering (8) Engineering (8) Geometry ) Automobile Engineering, (11) Aerospace Engineering, (12) Chemical Engineering

1) Minimum eligibility for application:

1.1) Proficiency Certificate Level, Higher Secondary Level or A Level or Engineering Diploma Level in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 11th and 12th class from TU or its recognized educational institution with at least 45% of the total marks and Letter Grading. In the case of NEB; Students who have passed or passed the final examination by getting a minimum C grade in the final grade of all subjects will also be able to participate in the entrance examination by applying.

1.2) Foreign nationals will be able to apply only in the full fee program.

2) Method of filling the application form and required documents

2.1) The application form for the entrance examination placed at of the Institute of Engineering Studies should be filled online by the applicant himself and submitted through the same website.

2.2) Online Form will be available on the website only from 10:00 am on 19th Poush 2077 to 5:00 pm on 2074 Magh 04. Therefore, it is advised to complete the examination form at any time within that period. The online form will close automatically after the specified time.

2.3) Application form can be filled from any place with an internet facility at any time on specified days.

2.4 The amount of entrance examination fee is Rs. 2,000 (literally Rs. 2,000 only) must be submitted to any branch of Siddhartha Bank Ltd. within Nepal for IOE entrance examination in a special voucher prepared by the bank to be deposited in account no. 00915056064. After deducting the bank voucher, the amount paid for the examination fee will not be refunded. In addition to the bank voucher, Siddhartha BankSmart service provided by Siddhartha Bank can be used free of cost to deposit the application fee and also through Connect IPS / eSewa / Khalti. Using Connect IPS / eSewa / Khalti will incur additional charges as per the rules of the said service. Details for the payment process using Connect IPS / eSewa / Khalti can be viewed at after 17th Poush 2077. Bank Voucher Number or Transaction ID Number (Connect IPS / eSewa / Khalti) must be filled in while filling the online form.

Applicants should have submitted the entrance examination fee by 3 pm on 2077 Magh 04 and the application form should have been filled by 5:00 pm.

2.5) The applicant must fill in the following information following the instructions given while filling the form.

(A) Introduction of the applicant: Self, father, mother's name, date of birth, permanent address, SLC / SEE, and I.Sc. / 10+2 / A Level / Engineering Diploma or similar results, recently taken (within six months) should be a Color Digital Photo with Plain Background with full forehead appearance of 350x300 Pixel, Photo of other Size will not be accepted.

(B) As the number of candidates in each shift will be limited, the applicant will have to fill the form as soon as possible and fix the date and shift of the examination that suits him/her.

2.6) Certificate with photo and signature introducing oneself while filling up the Online Form (Certificate of Citizenship, Driver's License, Passport, SLC / SEE, and I.Sc. / 10 + 2 / A Level / Engineering Diploma Mention the number of the letter and upload a digital shadow copy.

2.7) After filling and submitting the exam form online, you will have to print the Acknowledgment Page immediately.

2.8) Admission letter will be provided online in phased form as per the examination date of the examinee online after 9th of Magh 2077. You have to download the entry form and print the color. Admission will be mandatory to join the exam.

2.9) When you come to take the entrance exam, along with the admission card, you will have to bring the original certificate of ID mentioned in the admission letter along with the photo to reveal your identity as per point no.

2.10) Applicants who have already submitted the online form should contact the Entrance Examination Board by 3:00 pm on 2077-10-05, making sure that their name is on the date and shift they have specified.

3) Information about entrance exam

3.1) The questions of the entrance examination conducted through the computer method on the basis of information technology will be objective. Question number will be 100.

3.2) SLC / SEE and I.Sc. According to the syllabus published by the IOE Entrance Examination Board on the basis of / 10+2 / A Level / Engineering Diploma or similar syllabus, examinations in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects will be conducted by computer method for a total period of two hours.

Further information regarding the entrance test and admission will be provided at respectively.

Note: Candidates who pass the BE / BArch Entrance Examination conducted by TU Institute of Engineering Studies in the academic year 2077/078 in accordance with the Scholarship Regulations of the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; If they meet the prescribed legal criteria, they will be eligible to be candidates for higher education scholarships in engineering subjects offered by the Ministry in 2077/2078.