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PCL Nursing Admission at Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College

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PCL Nursing Admission at Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College:

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population, Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College, Bharatpur, Chitwan announces admission for PCL Nursing. Please read the detailed information below and apply it as the notice.

Notice regarding application for Proficiency Certificate Nursing (PCL Nursing - Staff Nurse) Admission:

For the study of Proficiency Certificate Level Nursing (PCL Nursing) of the academic session 2077/078 as per the notice published by the Examination Control Office of the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) on 26th Bhadra 2077; We would like to inform you to apply online through various quotas prescribed by Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College.

Minimum educational qualifications required for PCL Nursing:

  • Passed SLC or similar examination in compulsory Mathematics, English, and Science subjects from a recognized educational institution in at least second division or obtained 45% marks in total marks or passed SLC. Accordingly, in the Full Marks of TSLC related to the program run by CTEVT or Tribhuvan University, he passed with 68.33 and 66.67 percent marks respectively.
  • After the implementation of the alphabetical system, in the case of compulsory Mathematics, English, and Science in the SLC / SEE examination from a recognized educational institution, a minimum C grade has been obtained and the overall grade point average (GPA) - minimum 2.0 has been obtained.

Documents required to complete the form:

A) Two copies of a color photographs of recent passport size (35 mm x 45mm) showing a clear face.

B) Certified copy of minimum educational qualification (SEE, SLC) or similar educational certificate (Must have at least a C grade 2 GPA)

C) Passed SLC or similar examination in compulsory Mathematics, English, and Science subjects from a recognized educational institution in at least second class or obtained 45 percent marks in the total marks or passed SLC. Must have passed with 65.33 and 66.67 percent marks in the Full Marks.

D) Copy of citizenship or birth certificate or minor's certificate.

E) In case of passing SLC or similar examination from a country other than Nepal, a certified copy of equivalence determined by the body designated by the Government of Nepal.

F) Copy of the documents to be disclosed by the candidates in the open full fee remote area/target class quota as specified in point no. 8 of the admission guideline 2074 (third amendment).

G) Copy of recommendation letter in case of staff quota.

Details regarding filling and submitting the application form

Entrance Examination Fee: Rs. 800 Original: A copy of the voucher.

The last date to submit forms is Thursday, Ashoj 15, 2077

Submit the application: Upload to the link of Nursing College on the website of Bharatpur Hospital (

Bank Account Details: Agriculture Development Bank, Bharatpur Hospital Nursing Program, Account No. 0508601024582011

(Note: In addition to the Scholarship and Full Fee Paying Quota, other trainees will be able to study for 30 percent less than the fee prescribed by CTEVT.)

For details: Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College, Bharatpur-10

Contact: 056-5306089, 9855029943, 9845063930

Date 2077.05.26 (first published)

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