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Pokhara University is Celebrating Silver Jubilee and 17th Convocation Ceremony

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Pokhara University Notices

Introduction of Pokhara University:

Pokhara University is in its 25th year of establishment and the university is celebrating Silver Jubilee with various programs on this occasion.

It was established in 2054 BS under Pokhara University Act 2053 BS. The University of Pokhara has been established as a result of the continuous and concrete initiatives taken by educationists including local organizations, entrepreneurs, businessmen, intellectuals, social activists, etc., saying that a university should be established in Pokhara as soon as the concept of multi-university was introduced in Nepal after 2040 BS.

It is located in the Pokhara Metropolitan City of Kaski District in the Gandaki Province of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

About 15 kilometers east of Pokhara Valley, the district headquarters of Kaski district, ward no. 30 Khudi, Dhungepatan has all the educational and administrative structures of the university.

The central office of the university, examination control office, academic buildings, library building, laboratories, dormitories, etc. has been constructed on the 114 ropani plot in the place. The office of Pokhara University Service Commission is located in the central office premises of the university.

In the year 2043 BS, the then Shishuwa Adarsh ​​Gaon Panchayat had decided to provide a total of 2,740 ropanis of land in different places of Lekhnath for the establishment of a university. Accordingly, the then government has provided only 1,372 ropanis of land for redistribution of Pokhara University. The rest of the land allotted for the university has not been acquired for tenure.

At present, the university has 4 Constituent Colleges, 133 permanent and 41 contract teachers with a total of 174 teachers and 150 permanent, 4 contracts and 28 service contract administrative staff. Its joint constituent and affiliated colleges employ a total of 2,949 teachers and a total of 1,225 administrative staff.

Educational programs of Pokhara University:

Pokhara University is currently conducting educational programs under four faculties: Faculty of Management, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It has 4 schools as Constituent Colleges and 4 educational institutions as Joint Constituent Colleges and 58 affiliated colleges. The Constituent Colleges have been conducting 32 programs including 15 undergraduate programs, 15 postgraduate programs, and 2 undergraduate programs. There are 63 programs in Constituent, Joint Constituent, and affiliated colleges.

A detailed description of the educational programs conducted in the constituent, joint constituent, and affiliated colleges in the academic session 2078 (February, 2022) and the students studying in them.

S. No. Council / Constituent Colleges Running Programs Total Number of Students
1 Council for Doctoral Studies Ph.D. in Humanities, Ph.D. in Management 12
2 School of Business, Pokhara-30, Kaski MBA (Full Time), MBA (Job Holder), BBA, BBA-BI 871
3 School of Health & Allied Science, Pokhara-30, Kaski B. Pharmacy, BSc MLT, BPH, BSc Nursing, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), M. Pharmacy in Natural Product Chemistry, M. Pharmacy in Clinical, Master of Public Health (Health Promotion and Education), Master of Public Health (Public Health Service Management), MSc Medical Microbiology, MSc Medical Biochemistry 706
4 School of Engineering, Pokhara-30, Kaski BE Civil, BE Electricals & Electronics, BE Civil (Rural), BE Software, BE Computer, MSc in Structural Engineering, MSc in Hydropower Engineering, MSc in Electrical Engineering in Power System, MSc in Bioinformatics, MSc in Public Health and Disaster Engineering, MSc in Construction Management 1,128
5 School of Development and Social Engineering, Pokhara-30, Kaski BCES, BDEVS, BED, MPGD, MDEVS 383
    Total 3,100
S. No. Joint Constituents Colleges Running Programs Total Numbers of Students
1 Himalaya Eye Institute, Gharipatan, Pokhara BSc in Optometry, MSc in Optometry 50
2 B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nursing Colleges, Bharatpur, Chitwan BNS (Oncology) 84
3 Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal, Urlabari, Morang. BE Civil, BE Computer, Bachelor in Architecture, MSc in Construction Management 498
4 Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Tilganga, Kathmandu MSc in Optometry 7
    Total 639
S. No. Affiliated Colleges Running Programs Total Number of Students
1 Nepal Engineering College, Changunarayan, Bhaktapur MSc in Construction Management, MSc in Natural Resources Management, MSc IWRM, MSc in Transportation Engineering & Management, BE Civil, BE Civil(Rural), BE Bachelor in Architecture, BE Electrical & Electronics, BE Civil Diploma Holder,  Electronics and Communication, BE Computer, 1,867
2 School of Environmental Science and Management (SchEMS), Devkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu MSc Environmental Science and Management, BSc Environmental Science and Management, BCA, BBA 378
3 Brihaspati College, Siddhararhanagar- 9, Rupandehi BBA 177
4 Tillottama Campus, Tilottama -02, Rupandehi BBA 339
5 Gandaki College of Engineering and Science, Lamachaur, Pokhara-16, Kaski BE Software, MSc in Information System Engineering. 639
6 Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER) Kathmandu-10, New Baneshwor, Thapagaon Road MA in English, MPhil in English 98
7 Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, Chinnedanda, Pokhara, Kaski BHM, BBA-BI, BBA 700
8 Pokhara Engineering College, Phirke, Pokhara, Kaski MSc in Construction Management, BE Computer, BE Civil, BE Electronics and Communication, Bachelor in Architecture 667
9 Ace Institute of Management, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu EMBA, MBA, MBA(Evening), BBA, BBA-BI 1,342
10 Apex College, Devkota Sadak, Kathmandu MBA, MBA(Evening), BBA, BBA-BI, BCIS, BBA-TT 1,717
11 V.S. Niketan College, Minbhawan, Tinkune, Kathmandu EMBA, BBA 329
12 Universal Engineering & Science College, Chakupat, Lalitpur B.E. Civil, BE Computer 415
13 National Open College, Sanepa, Ringroad, Lalitpur MHCM, PGDHCM, BHCM, BBA, BPH 494
14 LA Grande International College, Simalchaur, Pokhara, Kaski BBA, BCA, BPH 585
15 Crimson College of Technology, Devinagar-11, Butwal, Rupandehi BBA, BCIS, BCA, B. Pharmacy, BSC MLT 717
16 Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Oxford Marga, Gaidakot, Nawalparasi BCA, BBA, BE Civil, BE Electrical & Electronics 1,054
17 Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College, Tilottama-7, Bhalwari, Rupandehi MSc in Construction Management, BE Civil, BE Computer, BCA, BE Electrical & Electronics 725
18 National Academy of Science and Technology Dhangadi, Kailali BE Civil, BE Computer, BCA, BBA 572
19 Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur ME Computer, MSc Computer Science, MCIS, BE IT, BE Civil, BE Electronics and Communication, BE Software, BE Computer, BBA, BCA 1,771
20 Nobel College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu BBA, BCIS, BHCM, BSc Medical Biochemistry, BPH, BSc MLT, BSc Nursing, BSc Medical Micro-biology, B. Pharmacy, BNS (Oncology), Master of Public Health (Health Promotion Education), Master of Public Health (Public Health Service Management) 1,051
21 Cosmos College of Management and Technology, Tutepani, Lalitpur BE Civil, BE Electronics and Communication, BE IT, BE Computer, BE Architecture, BBA 1088
22 Everest Engineering College, Sanepa, Lalitpur BE It BE Computer, BE Civil 825
23 Pokhara College of Management, Pokhara-3, Gyanmarga, Kaski BBA, BCIS 408
24 Brixton College, Bheemdatta-3, (Barahmdev Road),Bhasi, Kanchanpur, BBA 326
25 Excel Business College, New Baneshwor, Lakhechaur Marg, Thapagaun, Kathmandu MBA, BBA, BBA-BI 427
26 Atlantic International College, Galkopakha, Samakhusi, Kathmandu BBA, BBA-BI 422
27 Axis College, Tilottama, Rupandehi BBA-BI, BBA, BHM 392
28 Liberty College, Anamnagar, Kathmandu BBA, BHM 354
29 Siddhartha International College, Butwal, Rupandehi BBA-BI, BBA 380
30 CAMAD College, Sukedhara, Kathmandu BBA, BDEVS 173
31 Uniglobe College, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu MBA Finance, MBA, BBA-BI, BBA 870
32 Citizen College, Kumaripati, Lalitpur BBA, BCA, BBA TT 305
33 SAIM College, Devkota Sadak, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu MBA Global Business, BBA 364
34 Kshitiz International College, Kalikanagar, Butwal BBA, BBA-BI 514
35 Quest International College, Gwarko, Lalitpur MBA, BBA, BHM 728
36 Alpine Management College, Nepalgunj, Surkhet Road, Banke BBA, BHM 296
37 Platinum Management College, Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu BBA, BHM 409
38 Amity College, Bhimdutta-6, Kanchanpur BBA, BHCM 437
39 Victoria International College, Ghorahi, Dang BBA 198
40 Rapti Engineering College, Ghorahi, Saniambapur, Dang BCA, BE Civil 186
41 Nepal Western Management and Engineering College, Dhangadhi, Santoshi Tole, Kailali BBA-BI, BHM 128
42 Ritz College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur BHM, BBA, BE Civil 464
43 Sahid Ramnath Dahal Smriti College, Banasthali, Kathmandu BBA 75
44 Boston International College, Bharatpur, Hakimchok, Chitwan MBA, BCIS, BBA, BBA-BI 748
45 CIST College, Sangam Chowk, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu BPH, B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy(Clinical) 346
46 Butwal Model College Omsatiya, Kattaiya, Rupandehi BBA, BHM 280
47 Apollo International College, Lakhechaur Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu BBA, BBA-BI, BHM 521
48 United Technical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan BE Civil, BE Electrical & Electronics, BE Computer, MSC Costruction Management 596
49 Modern Technical College, Sanepa, Lalitpur BSc MLT, BPH, B. Pharmacy 260
50 Rajdhani Model College, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu BBA, BHM, MBA(Evening) 475
51 Atharva Business College, Bansbari, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu BBA, BHCM, BHM 315
52 Shubhashree College of Management, Kantimarga, Newbaneswor, Kathmandu BBA, BHM 276
53 Medhavi College, Shankhamul, Kathmandu BBA, BCIS, BHM 446
54 Valley State College, Basantachowk-09, Chitwan BBA 191
55 Imperial Business College, Hattisar, Kamladi, Kathmandu BBA, BHCM 478
56 Central College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu BBA, BHM, BHCM 206
57 Malpi International College, Baluwatar, Kathmandu BBA, BBA-BI 122
58 College of Engineering and Management, Shitalnagar, Nepalgunj, Banke BE Civil, BE IT 156
    Total 30,412

Seventeenth Convocation of Pokhara University:

The first graduation ceremony of Pokhara University was held on 2058-10-7. The 16th Convocation Ceremony of the University was held on 2075-12-20 (April 03, 2019). A total of 37,588 undergraduate and postgraduate students have graduated from various faculties in the past 16 graduations. The number of students graduating in the 17th year is 11,268.

At the graduation ceremony, the student who gets the highest marks in all the programs of the postgraduate level will get the gold-plated Vice-Chancellor's medal and the student who gets the highest marks in all the programs of the undergraduate level will get the gold-plated Vice-Chancellor's medal. In addition, the student who achieves the highest score in the undergraduate program will receive the Gold Oxford Medal. Students who have a CGPA of 3.7 or higher in the undergraduate programs of the university and a CGPA of 3.8 or higher in the postgraduate level programs will be awarded the Dean's List. In the 17th Convocation, 931 students of various disciplines have been selected for the title of Dean List.

Number of students graduating from various faculties and programs in the 17th Convocation Ceremony (Academic Session 2078 (February 2022)

Program Graduated Total Attendees
17A 17B
PhD (Management)   1 1 1
PhD (HSS)   2 2 2
M. Phil 42 55 97 40
M.Sc.CM 110 65 175 63
M.Sc. NRM 12 5 17 5
ME Computer 57 33 90 34
M.Sc. CS 12 15 27 17
M.Sc. IWRM 33 5 38 14
M.Sc. TEAM 35 13 48 21
M.Sc. Env.&Mgmt. 48 10 58 12
M.Sc. Structure 16 10 26 17
M.Sc.Hydropower - 4 4 4
M.Sc.ISE - 5 5 S
M.SC.PHDE - 6 6 6
M. Pharm 18 13 31 21
MPH (HSM) 13 8 21 17
MPH (HPE) 12 8 20 9
M. Optometry - 12 12 10
MBA 760 404 1164 444
EMBA 70 20 90 26
MBA (Finance) 135 67 202 120
MBA (GB) 90 41 131 44
MCIS 22 25 47 20
MHCM 36 25 61 18
MPGD 16 8 24 13
MA English 37 17 54 11
MDEVS 5 9 14 6
B.Sc. Bio-Chemistry 4 - 4 4
B.Sc. Env.&Mgmt. 13 13 26 12
B. Pharm 119 125 244 166
B.Sc. M LT 82 86 168 140
BPH 190 212 402 259
B.Sc. MB 16 16 32 17
B.Sc. MM 16 20 36 34
B.Sc. Nursing 55 51 106 65
BE Computer 159 172 331 170
BE Civil 581 735 1316 632
BE Elx.&Comm. 47 45 92 27
BEIT 71 67 138 59
BE Software 63 79 142 86
BE Ele.&Elx. 70 59 129 54
Architecture 18 55 73 52
BE Civil Rural 32 22 54 19
BCA 101 145 246 129
BBA 1650 2043 3693 1,546
BBA-BI 363 467 830 350
BBA-TT 13 34 47 17
BHM 225 157 382 100
BCIS 72 78 150 64
BHCM 46 56 102 39
BDEVS 22 35 57 25
Missing - 3 3 -
Total 5,607 5,661 11,268 5,066


Faculty wise Dean's List Record Total Attendees
Faculty of Management Studies Master 219 160
Bachelor 390 241
Faculty of Health Sciences Master 18 17
Bachelor 95 84
Faculty of Science and Technology Master 57 39
Bachelor 136 114
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences M Phil 5 5
Master 6 3
Bachelor 5 2
  Total 931 665

Pokhara University Scholarship:

The University of Pokhara has been giving free scholarships to the poor and deserving and reserved quota students who want to study in its Constituent, Joint Constituent, and affiliated colleges every year through open competition at the national level. Of the scholarship quotas to be received by the university, 60 percent quota is open and 40 percent quota is reserved for the disabled, martyrs, and Jana Andolan injured victims, remote, Dalit, Janajati, and Madhesi communities apart from the local scholarship and teacher and staff children quota. In both open and reserved scholarship quotas, 50/50 percent scholarship quota is reserved for women.

Candidates who have passed SEE or SLC by studying at least class 6 to class 10 in a public school and have also passed the scholarship selection entrance examination as per the rules in the free scholarship quota to be given to the university as mentioned above. Scholarships will also be available on a merit basis to candidates who have passed SEE or SLC by studying in public schools (except those who have studied from classes 6 to 10) and institutional schools in case of vacancies.

Pokhara University is the only university in Nepal to offer a large number of free scholarships. Last year, a total of 957 students from 811 undergraduate programs and 146 undergraduate, MPhil, and doctoral programs were offered free scholarships. This year, the university is providing scholarships to a total of 1,176 students in various programs.

Pokhara University Teaching Hospital

From the 21st General Assembly of Pokhara University, It has been decided to bring 100 (one hundred) bed Pokhara University Teaching Hospital into operation in 2078 BS. Accordingly, the work related to the operation of Pokhara University Teaching Hospital is moving forward. The university has passed the proposal and working procedure of the hospital by allocating around Rs. 210 million for the appointment of executive director of the teaching hospital and operation of the teaching hospital.

The work of preparing the women's dormitory building constructed within the "D" block of 114 ropanis of land (33 ropanis of Area Number 2123) at Khudi, Dhungepatan, Pokhara-30, which is currently in operation at the university, has been intensified as a 100-bed Pokhara University Teaching Hospital. The students in the dormitory building have been shifted to a local private building on the north side behind the university's academic building complex. The work has been increased by preparing a plan from the consultant to modify the hostel building as a teaching hospital operation.

A procurement committee has been formed to procure the necessary equipment for the teaching hospital and its specification, the cost estimate has been prepared and the arrangement of doctors, nurses, and staff required for the hospital has also reached the final stage. The university has already laid the foundation stone for the construction of a state-of-the-art Pokhara University Teaching Hospital with a helipad on the roof in the "B" block (26 ropanis of Area Number 2122) of 114 ropanis of land between Pokhara-30, Khudi, Dhungepatan Examination Control Office and Academic Building Complex.

Pokhara University International Relations:

Strengthen the international cooperation of the university in line with the policy of exchanging study, teaching, research and exploration for the production of high-quality manpower by making the university competitive in such a way as to establish a strong academic quality, research and teaching method and make the quality of education internationally competitive. International relations with institutions have been expanding.

Accordingly, the University has developed a national and international partner network through its Center for International Relations, focusing on teacher and student exchanges and assisting international guests and researchers in conducting their educational activities.

In addition, this body has been conducting international assistance and cooperation for the purpose of assisting the faculty, students, and staff of the university to participate and conduct international workshops, seminars, and projects and to develop the educational capabilities required for the development and progress of the university and society.

The University has established various educational and non-educational institutions in Nepal including Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and various universities of 20 countries. It has expanded its relationship with educational institutions.

At present, there are more than 26 domestic and foreign universities and educational institutions that have signed the MoU.

Upcoming programs of Pokhara University:

1) Establishment of medical colleges, tourism industry, and sports-related colleges.

2) Establishment of research and study center for herbs found in mountainous and mid-hilly areas.

3) Conducting a Ph.D. program in civil engineering.

4) Expansion of organic colleges in districts deprived of higher education.

5) Operation of BE Agriculture, Mechanical, and Recreation Engineering program.

6) Conducting MSc Health Engineering program.

7) Bachelor of Diet and Nutrition program operation.

8) Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics program operation.

9) Operation of MSc Hematology and MSc Pharmacology programs.

10) Conducting MPH Health Policy Research Program.

11) Conducting a Ph.D. program in Health Sciences.

12) Conducting programs on law and education.

13) Conducting programs on tourism, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, hiking, Ayurveda etc.

14) Expanding business-oriented programs.

Brief introduction of the chief guest:

Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Leading Educational Scholar and Educational Administrator of Nepal, is the Chief Guest at the Convocation Ceremony of Pokhara University. He was born on the 7th of Shrawan in 1997 BS in Khurkot of Sindhuli district. He currently resides in Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok District, Bagmati Province.

Dr. Sharma received his primary education in the Sanskrit language in Sindhuli in his childhood. He then went to Shonwarsa, India in 2008 to further his studies. After studying there for one year, he got school-level education from Saraswati High School, Janakpur in 2013 BS. He passed ISC from Amrit Science College and BSc from Tri-Chandra College and did MSc in Chemistry from the Karnataka University of India under the Colombo Plan Scholarship.

He then taught for 10 years at Trichandra College and Tribhuvan University. He then did his doctorate in chemistry in 2033 from the University of South Bank in London.

Dr. Sureshraj Sharma is the Founder Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University, established in 2048 BS as the first community university in Nepal, and is the Chairman of the Conservation Committee of the University.

He has served efficiently as the first Executive Director of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Member-Secretary of the National Education Committee, Member of the National Commission for UNESCO, and National Representative of the SAARC Technical Committee on Science and Technology.

He has played an important role in the formulation of the National Education Policy and in the development of appropriate human resources by incorporating up-to-date technology in the formulation and implementation of new educational curricula. He has published many books, research papers, articles, textbooks, and other textbooks.

He was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2070 by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has received Mahendra Vidya Bhushan, the famous strong Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, the prestigious Rashtradip medals, and various medals and awards from the national and international levels. He is a recipient of public honors from sixty NGOs in Nepal.

Pokhara University