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Deteriorating Educational Culture

Article 31 Oct 2022 1384 0

Dipesh Karna Author

All investment in cultureless education is wasted. Even if we talk about the greatness of education, it will be insufficient. It has also been seen that the growing commercialization of education is undermining the existing educational dignity.

If we look at the data on the production of qualified doctors, engineers, private or government jobs, businessmen, etc., the educational index looks attractive, but the increase in the number of emigrants, immoral earnings, abuse of authority and corruption, social misdemeanors and tax evasion, etc., has not increased. So somewhere or the other we have forgotten the basic meaning of education or we have not been able to explain it to the new generation. The new generation has started to see things like earning a lot of education and creating a comfortable life as a success. It narrowed the definition of success and education in life.

The Education Act 2028 and its amendments from time to time have been successful to a large extent in increasing the literacy and educational index. Government and university level efforts are also continuing to make school and university level courses as easy as possible so that the number of passers can be more. This has brought laziness to the students. Moreover, the teaching style of private schools has been controversial since the beginning, where the focus is more on getting attractive grades than the creativity of the students.

Children are enrolled in private educational institutions with the expectation of quality education and good manners, but due to the weakness of the government system and the short-sightedness of educational institutions, education has become expensive even in the 21st century. Thousands of rupees are charged in the name of the transfer certificate. Although the transfer certificate is valid in Jagir, there is no need for the transfer certificate fee charged by the school for enrolling students from one educational institution to another.

The system of charging only monthly and other fees like PG, Nursery, LKG, UKG which is used in the pre-primary level in private schools is nothing more than commercial thinking. All the subjects taught at these levels can easily be taught and taught directly in class one. This has created a gap between public schools and private schools. The textbooks of every subject of every level are changed every year.

Students are forced to buy clothes, belts, ties, socks, and shirts from the school or from the shops they visit at high prices. What kind of educational culture is developing? The silence of the federal and local governments is surprising. It is also found that university graduate and some other level fees are equal to the fees charged in some pre-primary and primary level schools.

Technology has been misused by the tendency to post indecent dances, and ruminations on dramas, and consider the number of likes to be a great achievement. According to a study, people who spend more time on mobile or such gadgets automatically become irritable. Whether it is because of the thought of showing financial ability or because of the tendency of parents, parents make children of young age group use mobile phones and tabs, but due to lack of supervision, the child cannot know the use and misuse of such devices.

In a country like ours, children of the young age group are satisfied with the number of views, likes, and reactions by making cute dance and acting videos in classrooms, exam rooms, streets, weddings, restaurants, shrines, bus parks and many other places in the name of entertainment, while in South Korea, China, Russia, America And in European countries, the generations of this age group are engaged in successful study-research and efforts in science, technology and business. The reason for all this is the educational culture.

Increasing intolerance among students has become a big problem today. As a result, they don't want to understand the load and tendency of studying. Incidents of misbehavior of teachers and professors by students in schools and campuses are also becoming common. What culture are we developing in the name of education?

In the first few years at the school level, children should be given theoretical and practical knowledge of discipline, self-reliance, ethics and patriotism. Rather than the tendency to gloat, the lesson should be memorized well and the practice should be made to do it in your own style. Even at the campus level, instead of the tendency of the professor to write notes, students should develop the behavior of writing by themselves so that the students' creativity and latest qualities can be developed.

In educational institutions, there should be a provision for appropriate punishment for misbehavior with professors and institutions. There should be arrangements for monitoring and control of the activities of the educational institutions. Humility is absolutely necessary in a person to achieve something and this fact applies to Vidya and students as well. Parents are not relieved of their responsibility towards the child by paying the fee.

Today in Nepal, there is a lack of character and culture among children at the school level rather than the campus. It is not so easy to fix habits that have been formed since childhood in adulthood.

The decline in the educational culture of Nepal is alarming. Although the education index is increasing, there is still a need for creative manpower in the country. It is no exaggeration that Nepal's declining educational quality is also a symbol of a dire future. For this, parents, government, educational institutions and local-federal government, and the students themselves need to be active and serious.

It is said that if a nation is to be destroyed, its education should be destroyed. It is necessary to develop creativity and innovation in education. For this, it seems necessary to change the nature of the educational system and educational institutions. Education in the nation should be quality, free, and free from political manipulation.

Author: Dipesh Karna (Teaching Management Subject at Birgunj College.)

Disclaimer: This article is translated into English and published for educational purposes only. All rights reserved on the author.