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Do you want to Fulfill your Desire Immediately?

Article 02 Jan 2019 797 0

Day Dream

Do you want to fulfill your desire immediately?

Have you heard a successful person ever saying that they want something and that is done right away? Successful people think that desire is not fulfilled immediately. It takes time. You cannot even think of harvesting seeds by planting seeds. But even today, most of the people are like those who want to become millionaires overnight, many people waste their whole life due to speculation and lotteries. Today man does not have any kind of patience, people want to fulfill their desires immediately, and the word of patience is gradually being eliminated from our lives. We want every work quickly, the result of anything we need immediately.

There is a big difference between the successful and the unsuccessful people that successful people always think far away and accordingly they take the steps, but failures always think about today, just somehow they will succeed today, even if they Why life should not have languished in jail. It is absolutely clear that people can strangle their integrity today to become rich, for this, they always look for shortcuts. Nature's rule is that the amount of work that it takes to take will take time. If you want to become a Manager then you cannot achieve that position only after studying only one day. Whatever preparation is necessary for this, it will have to do.

People keep big dreams in their mind and work hard to fulfill them, but when they do not get results then they become depressed and soon quit. This happens because their desire is one in the bar, only to be successful, they want to succeed quickly, and they lack patience.

If you just think about today, that just somehow millions of rupees will come, you will become rich, even if you have to rob anyone for it. This can be successful in one day but next the day your condition will worsen even worse. You can ask any big speculator, he can tell you that even though he would have immediately become milliners, he would have lost all the money he had won by greed for the next day. Desire is not fulfilled one day, and if you falsely fulfill your desire immediately, then today or tomorrow you will definitely fall on your face.

Do not make your life hell, looking for a shortcut, achieving to fulfill your desire immediately, is actually pushing you back, you do not know it immediately but later you find yourself surrounded by difficulties. Remember, a seed changes in a huge tree when it is well cared for, for years it has to give fertilization and water, only after hard work it takes the form of a strong tree whose fruit you eat for years. Do not want to fulfill the desire immediately, just do your deeds honestly, the fruit will surely get.