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First Supercomputer in Nepal

Article 31 Dec 2018 2978 0

First Supercomputer in Nepal

Kathmandu University (KU) is taking the lead in the prestigious excellence of Nepal, for the first time in the IT Park in Kavre, the Super Computer has entered in Nepal. KU Assistant Professor (Physics) Rajendra Adhikari says, it will be able to research thousands of times faster than an ordinary computer, and capable of researching the education and health-related filed. Due to fast calculation and large storage capacity, super-computer is useful in many field types of research. The research is delayed while the Nepali scientist and engineer are dependent on other countries for large-scale 'data processing'.

Officials say the use of supercomputers in Nepal is possible to investigate high-level research on earthquake rectangular (climate change modeling), climate change, control of H1N1 virus, genetic analysis of disease, environmental data analysis. Nepal's study and research were diminished when the other countries were full of data processing. The unlimited feature is available for research on the study with Super Computer Access at IT Park.

In other countries, researchers have been making the fact that decisions regarding the correct remedies and precautionary measures in the country are important for the researchers to analyze old health records as a prediction in the future. 'The hospital of Nepal is forced to periodically remove old photography records MRI, PET Scan, City Scan etc. for the purpose of removing the space (space) for the newborn data storage. In developed countries, doctors are improving the treatment method based on these records. So their effectiveness has been seen.

KU has received supercomputers, network switches, and other equipment with Geneva-based World-based Scientific Research Laboratory CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Since 2013, KU has been collaborating with CERN and International Center for Economic Physics (ICTI). Registrar Subodh Sharma said that this collaboration has added additional assistance to supercomputer acquisition.

The supercomputer installed at IT Park has 184 computer servers, 16 storage servers, 12hpp switches. Similarly, there is a 'Titan V' card of 5 thousand cores with the Graphics Processing Unit (GIPI) node. The weight of the supercomputer is about 5 tons and placed in six ranks of the park's block. The US University of Arkansas has also provided technical assistance for super-computer. The US University of Arkansas has also provided technical assistance for super-computer.

The super-computer brought by KU is claimed to be Assistant Professor Officer, the fastest in South Asia after India. 'Its main task is computing. Also, storage can be done. Also, storage can be done. Currently, three thousand desktop computers can be done at a supercomputer once, "he said.

Regarding the private sector working in other universities, hospitals and medical colleges, government bodies, non-governmental bodies and researchers in Nepal, will be able to work in this regard, "said Registrar Sharma. As the first supercomputer for the country, he said that the policy of establishing a national level committee in the leadership of the KU for its sustainable operation, conservation, promotion, and expansion. KU has also been testing of various kinds of inputs, stores, processing and outputs with supermarkets as well as parallel processing. "We have analyzed 35 students with huge data on open access from the server. More data was analyzed in less than a second. Thousands of times more than ordinary computers have been calculated by a supercomputer and the procession of the image is also high, "the official said.

In 1920, Columbia University made a super-computer for research work. 44 years later, Seymour Cray has given it a commercial look. At this time, the world is known to be the fastest supercomputer. According to The Top500 Dot ORG ranking of supercomputers, this race includes America, China, Switzerland, and other countries. By the end of November 2018, the world's highest rank is among the ten super-computer computers and the second in America, the third and the fourth China, fifth Switzerland, sixth America, seventh Japan, the eighth, the eighth, the eighth, the tenth and the tenth. The neighboring countries have supercomputers in the country Pratyush (45th), Mihir (73th) and other two supercomputers (337th and 488).

The KU, which has signed a MoU agreement with Information Technology Department, has started the IOT Research Lab for new research in IT Park. Similarly, KU has also conducted the Executive Innovation Center with Business Innovation and Finishing School. The supercomputer that is now being moved to IT Park is proud for Nepal and the most available composite Register Sharma said.