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Government Should Focus on Quality Education

Article 26 Apr 2022 1292 5

Quality Education

Political leaders and activists in speeches and slogans continue to work selflessly for the upliftment of the poor and the development of the nation. In practice, they see nothing but personal and partisan interests. Even as the country's democracy, republican system of governance and management, and all the organs of the state are becoming ineffective, our leadership is engrossed in playing its own trumpet. Even the politics of the proletariat is oriented towards the proletariat.

All the leaders have returned to the boat of changing society on their own. There have been big movements in the past. There was political upheaval. The great political change took place but the country could not rise above the status quo due to the inability to form the character of the movement according to the ideology. Due to various stages of political conflict, more obstacles were created. In this, the terror of the Corona epidemic led to the collapse of the entire economic situation, including the education sector. Positive thinking and a bright future cannot be expected unless all children have access to education.

The development of technology has not changed the educational system. The Corona epidemic has also led to some virtual reading. Due to the complexity of technology and lack of access to the Internet, teaching does not seem easy. As our communication capacity is weak compared to South Asian countries, our children are not able to read through the internet even more than the children of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. Even some of our teachers do not seem to be able to speak and teach in English. If English cannot be denied as an international language, then it is important for all Nepalis to understand that the importance of the Nepali language is even greater.

Quality education is the means of showing the way of hope and trust to the backward youth and children. This will promote peace and stability in children and the ability to resolve crises permanently. There is no doubt that efficient leadership can be built by providing access to advanced education to children raised in poverty and deprivation. The provision of highly effective scholarship programs for them to teach up to the post-graduate level can make the dreams of millions of children come true.

With the aim of achieving the expected achievement of the children, construction of buildings for the development of child development centers and schools, expansion of physical infrastructure, distribution of free textbooks and scholarships have been carried out. Under this, millions of female students and Dalit children are receiving scholarships. More than 28,000 community schools across the country are receiving continuous grants. The grant provided so far is not sufficient. Educational materials such as lunch, pencils, and copies for children are still not available. Teachers' salaries are limited to allowances and minimum administrative expenses. Due to this, the learning achievement of the children has been disappointing.

The goal of education is to improve children's learning. This improvement is bound to bring about a positive change in the behavior of every child. The lack of expected improvement in our learning forces us to admit that there are weaknesses in the education system. Instead of learning from the shortcomings of the past and improving future programs and plans, the tendency to blame the past only seems to be declining.

In the absence of our main progress and development, one system has changed from one system to another, from one government to another, from one teacher to another, from one teacher to another, from one private school to another, from one government school to another, from one government school to another. No one is aware of their responsibilities and obligations, but to avoid their responsibilities by blaming others is an obstacle to our development. There is a tendency to consider propaganda as greater than the achievement of education. The tradition has been recognized by the federal and local governments to increase the number of policy theories in the meetings including review meetings and also to exaggerate the information that has not reached the practical and implementation sites. Many projects like Mahakali Seti Integrated Development Project are in operation. However, these projects have not been able to reach the villages effectively.

No country can be developed without building skilled manpower. If only uneducated and unskilled manpower could make a country, advanced education was being sought. For the overall development of the country, it is necessary to increase the qualification and efficiency of the citizens. This depends on how effective the country's education system and learning level is. The research and analysis done so far has shown that the level of our learning achievement is weak. However, the government does not seem to have given much thought to improving education as a whole.

The trend of changing the structure of education in search of educational quality is not new now. This is traditional. Many documents were made in the name of reform. Many commissions were formed in the name of reform. Everyone complained that the expected improvement was not seen.

Effectiveness in education will not come only by changing or amending the Education Act rules etc. The quality of education will not improve unless the attitude of teachers changes. For this, the teacher should rise above party demands and prejudices. Students should not be used by political parties to demonstrate their power. There is a need to improve the thinking of political parties. It is important for all political parties to have the idea that education is our responsibility. Don't make education a business hub. If you want to make money, you should try to make a profit by opening a hotel business or industry and not by opening a school.

Teachers are the main basis for ensuring the quality of education. There is a need today for a teacher or headmaster who is the one who raises the level of education. It is important to create an environment conducive to efficient educational leadership by imparting knowledge and skills to teachers through new technology and new methods. There needs to be a good relationship and understanding between the teacher and the headmaster. The teacher should be ready to conduct extra classes for the students as per the need. The teacher must keep trying to make the student active in teaching and learning. The student should be active in the educational activities, if the student is inactive then the weakness of the teacher should be considered.

Classroom parents should be gathered at the place where my educational activities are held to discuss the student's reading, set up personal files, and keep records of his / her daily activities and examinations. It can at any time clearly show the parents the actual activities of the child as well as the records of various monthly, quarterly and annual examinations. In order to bring effectiveness in reading and writing, the provision of a computer system, education can spread the right path if the teacher can use the educational reference material by searching through the internet and motivate the students to search for themselves.

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