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Lumbini Pradesh Govt Policies and Programs for the Fiscal Year 2079/80

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Lumbini Pradesh Govt Policies and Programs for the Fiscal Year 2079-80

Lumbini Pradesh Govt Policies and Programs for the Fiscal Year 2079/80: The Lumbini province government has presented policies and programs for the coming fiscal year. In the sixth meeting of the tenth session of the province assembly held on Wednesday, Lumbini province chief Amik Sherchan presented the policy and program for the coming fiscal year 2079/080 prepared by the government.

The agriculture, health, industry, and tourism sectors of the province have been given top priority in the policies and programs of Lumbini province with the resolution to make 'Lumbini a prosperous self-reliant province'. Introducing the policy and program, Chief Sherchan said that a policy would be adopted to make Lumbini self-reliant by increasing agricultural production and encouraging exports, and discouraging imports.

It has been mentioned in the policy and program to make Lumbini an investment hub. Similarly, emphasis has been laid on policies and programs to create an investment-friendly environment, create employment, reduce poverty and manage the permanent capital of the province.

The policy and program have given priority to the construction of the Jibaraj Ashrit Krishna Sen Ichchhuk Highway connecting Lumbini Provincial Hospital Butwal and Rampur of Palpa to Kapurkot of Rolpa as a project of pride in the province.

Similarly, it has been decided in the policy and program to move ahead with the construction of Naumure Hydropower Project of Arghakhanchi in collaboration with the federal government and to develop Butwal as economic and Kapilvastu as cultural capital. Provision has been made in the policy and program to pay Rs. 200,000 for the treatment of patients suffering from kidney, heart, and cancer diseases.

It is mentioned in the program that nutrition will be provided to the pregnant women and free air service will be provided to the pregnant women in case of urgent need. The policy and program have provided that the education of daughters will be the priority of the province government.

 In the policy and program, it has been mentioned that various agricultural promotion programs will be implemented to make the province self-reliant on food grains by giving more emphasis on agriculture. In order to reduce imports and increase exports under agricultural production, various grants in agriculture, easy loans, assistance, and income-generating programs to increase employment in agriculture, as well as protection of indigenous children, have been given priority.

The policy stipulates the implementation of the 'One Local Level One Sample Production' policy, making agricultural subsidies based on returns, conducting smart agricultural village programs, encouraging the Chaklabandi program, and strictly enforcing the policy of not allowing barren land.

Similarly, the policy and program have given priority to the construction of one constituency, one industrial village, and the development of Lumbini as an investment hub. Rural level investors will be encouraged to set up small, cottage, and cottage industries.

The policy and program include building a large Buddha circuit to connect Lumbini with the Buddha circuit, constructing hill stations at various places in Lumbini province, conducting promotional programs to connect homestays with local culture, and encouraging the private sector to develop tourism infrastructure.

Similarly, the policy and program will include the process of listing Kapilvastu's Tilaurakot on the World Heritage List in coordination with the Central Government. It has been mentioned that development will be done as a resource, forests will be linked with employment and senior citizen village will be built.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the policy program to run an improvement program in agriculture-based irrigation, implement the concept of bright Lumbini province, encourage the use of electric vehicles, and promote the use of electric stoves.

In order to increase capital expenditure, it is stated in the policy and program to discourage the tendency of spending in the last month of each fiscal year and to effectively run the campaign to reduce the deficit.

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