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Role of Parent and Teacher in Grooming Young Students For Success

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Parent and Teacher

An ideal student is one whom every other student looks up to. They are appreciated for completing all their tasks in the classroom or on the playground. He is a favorite of his teachers and is assigned various duties in the school. Every teacher wants their class to be full of such students.

Role of Parent and Teacher in Grooming Young Students For Success:

In our society, parents and teachers are considered important in building a child's life. If parents nurture him, then teachers develop his intellectual, spiritual, character qualities. Teach him about life and the world. That is why no one else can take the place of teacher in our life. Teachers are also a strong link of social change. It is because of them that a better society is established.

Every parent wants their children to be first in their class in everything they do, to be a role model for others. Many students want to fulfill the expectations of their parents but they lack the determination and many other factors to become a perfect student. Some people try and fail but some fail to try but should the students alone be blamed for this failure? No! Parents must understand that they play an important role in changing the overall personality of their child and creating a positive attitude towards life. It is their duty to help their children understand the importance of doing well in school.

Many parents make their children dream big and tell them how to get good grades and work hard during the school days which helps them later in their professional and personal life. However, most of them do not teach their children how to work hard and stay motivated to achieve the set goals. Parents should work closely with children so that they can do well in school.

Teachers play an important role in improving the personality of their students equally. There is a need to find ways to influence them positively and encourage them every step of the way.

The role of the teacher is paramount in the interest of the disciple. This is the eternal truth. The teacher should always remember that he has to always maintain the superiority of his thoughts, knowledge, personality and conduct because it has a direct effect on the disciple. The disciple should also imbibe the teacher's education, moral values ​​and duties. The path shown by him should be followed with devotion. It is pleasant and useful. At present the traditions are changing rapidly but we have to maintain the ancient healthy traditions and rites of our country intact.

The old Acharya tradition has ended due to the change of time due to circumstances, yet today's teacher and professor is its modern version in many parts. With the passage of time, there may be change in the education system-curriculum etc. but the relation between teacher and disciple is and will always be there. Today, the affection, and intimacy that is needed between the teacher and the student is not there. This is the reason why today's students lack outstanding personality.

Character building and practical knowledge cannot be taught from books. That too is obtained by seeing the person's character and behavior from the closeness of the person. There is no equal in today's education system. Undoubtedly a lot of care was taken of this in our ancient education system. The symbiosis of Acharya and Vidyarthi was spent in the ashrams. At that time, the student not only learned the lesson but also used to learn character behavior from the life of Acharya.

We have learned a great truth about education. We have learned that man can learn from man. Just as water fills a reservoir. It is from the lamp that the lamp burns, in the same way the life becomes conscious from the life. Character is formed by looking at the character. Man becomes a human being only by taking inspiration from the teacher and his life. Sad that today's teachers are giving knowledge but they are not able to give character.


No one is born perfect or ideal. It takes time to inculcate habits in any student, which makes him a role model. Both parents and teachers should make efforts to identify the hidden potential in the child.

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