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100 Students from AFU Selected to Participate in Israel's 'Learn and Earn Program'

Career 05 Jun 2022 1229 0

100 Students from AFU Selected to Participate in Israels Learn and Earn Program

One hundred students from Rampur-based Agriculture and Forestry University in Chitwan have been selected to participate in Israel's 'Learn and Earn Program'. Dr. Yuval Kaye, Director of the Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture, and Elon Melchior went to the Rampur-based University of Agriculture and Forestry (AFU) in Chitwan for an interview. The interview was conducted in the presence of AFU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi and Israeli Ambassador Hanan Goder.

Applicants selected from the lot were interviewed and one hundred of them were selected for the ‘Learn and Earn Program’ at the Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture in Israel. This program is a theoretical and practical joint project.

There is one day of theoretical study and five days of practical training in a year. The salary of the participating Nepali will be according to the Israeli criteria. Students are selected through lottery and interviews. After returning from 11 months of intensive training, the students will share their knowledge, modern technology and skills learned from Israel with their families and farmers in Nepal.

Wishing the selected students a successful journey, the Embassy hopes that they will return with new skills and enthusiasm and dedicate their future to the field of agriculture.

During the visit, Ambassador Hanan Godar met with Renu Dahal, Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City. According to the embassy, ​​discussions were held with Mayor Dahal on cooperation and other issues of mutual interest in the agricultural sector.

More than 3,000 Nepalis have participated in the 'Learn and Earn' program, which started in 2013. Many of them have implemented modern farming throughout Nepal.