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How to prepare for public service Exam and how to write in the Exam?

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Competitive Exam Preparation
  • The relevance of the syllabus and content should be studied.
  • The in-depth study, meditation, and analysis of the content included in the syllabus are required.
  • Read books, publications and articles related to the Internet, various magazines, administrative and management areas.
  • While studying, the subject should have knowledge of the concept, meaning, definition, principle, area, type, importance, steps, current situation, international practice, cause, problem, solution, etc.
  • When solving a questionnaire, make the letters as attractive, neat and clean as possible.
  • First of all, introduce the topic in question. After the introduction, write down the basic topic in point.
  • When answering, you should write down facts, examples, comparative, logical and cause and effect. Affirmations and conclusions should be answered by adding the words and arguments of the relevant scholar or anyone
  • Lastly, write a summary. Only after reading the summary will the examiner give the number, as it is important to write the essence in the summary. That summary should have a positive impact on the psychology of the test taker.

Ten possible questions related to the public administration of the tertiary level examination of the sixth level official under local level

  1. Write about the code of conduct in Nepal's current civil service.
  2. What is Third Party Assessment? Write about the steps of the social test process.
  3. What are the new concepts in the field of public management in Nepal? Describe
  4. What is electronic governance? What is the provision for the use of the electronic rule in Nepal? Mention
  5. Mention the possibilities and challenges of using electronic governance in the public administration of Nepal.
  6. What is social media? What are the steps that can be taken to improve social media misuse and improve it? Submit your Opinion
  7. What is Information Technology? What problems have arisen due to information technology? Mention the solution as well.
  8. Mentioning the principles of decision, what principles of decision making have been embraced in the public administration of Nepal? Mention
  9. What is Holiday? Mention the status of employee leisure and the existing provisions regarding employee leisure in Nepal.
  10. What is a metrics organization? What are the characteristics and requirements of a metrics organization? Mention