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How to Write Answer in Public Service Commission Exam?

Career 26 Aug 2019 3373 0

Lok Sewa Aayog Sugesstion

In the competitive examinations including the Public Service Commission, many who have read and written better than those who have good knowledge, who have been able to pass the maximum number of exams in the exam, have succeeded. Not only do not read, but success can also be achieved only by reading. Therefore, in the competitive examination, including the Public Service Commission, the questions asked should be written in the most original way.

Since many competitors read the preparatory classes and take the instructor's notes as a special basis, the answer can be similar to the original without having the answers all the same. Emphasis should be placed on attracting the attention of the investigator, including all the contents while writing the answers as possible, keeping the writing consistent and consistent.

The following are some precautions and some ways in which the Public Service Commission should take excellent marks in competitive examination.


1. Read the question thoroughly, find out the subject, context, tail question, which you are trying to mislead.

2. The answer to the question must be remembered simply in the mind.

3. The role, conclusions need to be assessed - no matter how much you write.

4. As much as possible, the correct answer should be in clear and clear letters.

5. One of the four main methods used when writing answers is to choose the appropriate method and give a structural answer.

(A) Answering questions including arrangements, efforts, problem areas, remedial measures, making three subtitles is appropriate.

  1. Policy Arrangements: Under this constitution, laws, periodic plans, regional policies and strategies, annual budget, government policies, and programs, international   Treaties and agreements should be mentioned.
  2. Institutional Arrangements: Under this, the public sector, such as the Union, the State, and the local government, the ministries, departments, commissions, secretariat, councils, centers, committees, task forces, projects, etc. should be mentioned.
  3. Programs, Practices and Conduct Arrangements: All efforts made by the projects and programs run under it, daily practice, current conduct and rites, government, private and social sectors should be answered.

(B) Answering questions like crisis, calamity, conflict, change management, how to make foreign employment effective, it is best to write in three subtitles based on time series:

  1. The works to be done before going into foreign employment,
  2. The time-consuming tasks in foreign employment,
  3. Things to do after returning from foreign employment,

(C) Due to corruption, obstruction of good governance, disruption of service flows, dimensions of sustainable development, it is better to answer the following subtitles as follows:

  1. Political reasons
  2. Economic reasons
  3. social cause
  4. cultural cause
  5. Technical reasons
  6. Government reasons
  7. Psychological causes
  8. Environmental or environmental reasons
  9. Legal reasons
  10. personal or human reason
  11. If you ask questions of the constitution, laws, plans, etc., it is better to write the answer either by way of front or back or by making subtitles.

6. Writing answers should not use words that are publicly derogatory and critically accusatory.

7. The same argument or opinion should be given when writing the answer to a question that needs to be answered.

8. Do not unnecessarily write roles and conclusions.

9. Writing answers should not only point out weaknesses, show only flaws, give only feedback, make negative comments.

10. Answering with a positive attitude should give a glimpse of the person responsible.

11 The answer should not be repeated or written in the same way.

12. The answer must have been a broader perspective and oriented toward solving the problem.

13.  By presenting content in a different way than others, one should win the attention and the mind of the investigator.


On the whole, you should show yourself competent in your style so as to provide timely, accurate, systematic answering as far as possible, objectively answering balanced, positive and concrete suggestions, and using the data as an example, without using any wrong data, in competition. I believe it can be done.