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Israel Employment- Workers to be Selected by Lottery

Career 07 Oct 2021 3402 0


Candidates will be selected by lottery from those who have passed the language test for Israeli employment. According to the Department of Foreign Employment, Israel will select the workers. The department has sent a list of 1,600 people to Israel through language tests and interviews. One thousand of them will be able to go to Israel.

According to Kamal Gyawali, director of the Department of Foreign Employment, Israel will select workers from the lottery within a month. After receiving the final list from the Israeli government, health check-ups and orientation training will be conducted. Only then will the visa process begin.

The Department of Foreign Employment has made public the names of 1,120 women and 400 men. 700 women and 300 men will be shortlisted. PIBA will select the final candidate based on the list sent by the department. Israel will sign the agreement of the finalist candidate and send it to the department.

Based on the list from the Israeli government, the department summons the selected candidates and sends them to the embassy within five days. Israel has announced that it will run a live TV program and hold a lottery. The department has stated that any of the 1,600 people who have been recommended can be included. The department has stated that the final list will be available within a month. "We have made the recommendation in a transparent manner," he said.

The department has completed preparations for the two-day training. Israel is one of the most attractive countries for workers. Despite the quota of 1,000 for employment, 7,000 had appeared for the exam and 9,000 had applied.

Young people who have worked in Japan and Korea for a long time for foreign employment were also involved in the process of going to Israel. Workers going to Israel as caregivers should take care of the elderly and children.