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Israeli Govt to Provide employment to Nepalis in the Construction Sector

Career 21 Jan 2022 1774 0

Nepal Israel

The Israeli government will also provide employment to Nepalis in the construction sector. The Government of Nepal and the Government of Israel have decided to form a joint task force to prepare a bilateral agreement to send Nepali citizens to work in the construction sector in Israel.

The decision was taken after talks between Foreign Minister Dr. Narayan Khadka and Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Hanan Goder Goldberger at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, 99 Nepali workers selected for caregiver employment are preparing to fly to Israel on Wednesday night. According to the Department of Foreign Employment, 99 people, including 63 women and 36 men, left for Israel at 11 pm on Wednesday. According to Dambar Bahadur Sunuwar, director of the department, only 99 out of 26 people have been infected with the coronavirus virus.


They will be allowed to return to work after being in quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Israel. According to the department, 162 people will go to Israel in the second phase on January 3 and 4.

In the first round, 1,175 people were selected for caregivers in Israel, and so far 994 workers have been contracted, the department said. The department had shortlisted 1,600 people for Israeli employment. Although the visa period for foreign workers in Israel is five years, the visa must be renewed every year.

Israel is an attractive labor destination for Nepali workers. However, after a long discussion on taking Nepali workers, an agreement was signed between Nepal and Israel on 14 September regarding the temporary employment of Nepali workers in Israel. As per the agreement, 500 Nepali workers will go to Israel for caregivers.