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Job Opportunity for 1000 Nepali in Israel

Career 28 Jul 2021 691 0


The government has published an advertisement to send 1,000 workers to Israel. The Department of Foreign Employment had invited applications for the selection of Nepali Assistant Workers (Caregivers) to be sent to long-term care centers in Israel.

Workers who go this way will receive a monthly salary of 1600 US dollars, or one lakh 92 thousand Nepali Rupees.

The workers will have to bear the estimated cost of 165,700 rupees to go to Israel. There are also prescribed income taxes and other taxes to be paid.

The government has already issued 'Directive 2078 on sending Nepali aid workers to Israel'. The directive provides that Nepali citizens under the age of 25 and not exceeding 45 years of age can go to a long-term care center in Israel for employment.

The government will give 21 days to apply for the exam based on the demand letter from Israel. Applications can be submitted online. As per the guideline, the application will be approved and the information will be given on the applicant's mobile.

The person who has fulfilled the prescribed qualification will have to pass the examination. Knowledge of the English language has been made compulsory. There is also the condition of having good character and being mentally and physically healthy.

The person going for employment should be at least 1.5 meters tall and weigh 45 kg. Those who have passed at least 10 classes and completed at least 15 months of ANMI or CMA studies or have completed 3 months training through a government-approved institution by acquiring class 12 or similar educational qualifications will also be able to participate in the examination.

Applicants must arrive at the designated location on the specified day to have their height and weight measured.

The English language test will be taken by the experts on the roster. Based on the points given by the experts, the selection committee headed by the director-general of the department will publish a list of 25 percent more people than the demand and send it to Israel.

From the list sent from Nepal, there will be an employment agreement between the person selected by the Israeli PIBA and the employer.

The visa fee is to be paid by the employer. However, insurance fees, airfare, orientation fee, and welfare fee are to be paid by the workers.