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Nepal Govt Directive for Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process of Caregiver Work In Israel

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Nepal Govt Directive for Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process of Caregiver Work In Israel

Nepal Govt Directive for Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process of Caregiver Work In Israel:

A directive has been issued to send Nepali workers for 'caregiver' work in Israel. As per the labor agreement signed between Nepal and Israel on 14th Ashoj 2077, a directive has been issued to send workers to caregivers in the first phase. With the issuance of the directive, the way has been opened for Nepali workers to go to Israel for caregiver work.

As provided in the 'Directive 2078 on Sending Nepali Support Workers to Israel', if the employer does not pay the required fee for going to Israel for employment, the worker will have to bear it himself.

"The agreement stipulates that the employer will bear the cost of airfare, insurance, health examination, welfare fund, and labor permit for sending Nepali nationals to Israel for employment.

Eligibility for Caregiver Work:

  • Completed 25 years of age and not exceeding 45 years.
  • Height at least 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) and weight 45 kg.
  • Educational Qualifications Passed at least ten classes and completed fifteen months of training in ANM or CMA-related subjects, or obtained government-recognized training by obtaining class 12 or similar educational qualifications.
  • Proficient in the English language.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Having good character

 The selection process:

Nepali citizens who have completed the above-mentioned qualifications can apply to go to work as a caregiver in Israel. The Department of Foreign Employment will issue a date, time, and place for the applicants to be present along with the original documents submitted by the eligible applicants through the online system. Must be present at the date, time, and place specified in the same notice.

After checking the height and weight of the applicant, the department will enter the details in the online profile of the concerned person. Those who meet the height and weight test criteria can participate in the English language test. The names of those who do not reach the height and weight will be removed from the list.

English language tests will be conducted with the help of designated experts. The marks obtained by the examinee after the language test will be entered by the expert in the online profile of the person concerned.

On the basis of the same score, the selection committee will maintain the qualification order and prepare the names of 25 percent more candidates as per the demand received from Israel, the ministry said.

The department will send the list to the PIBA of Israel and publish the details on the department's website. Israel's PIBA will select from the list sent by the department. And there will be an employment agreement between the person selected by the PIBA and the employer.

There is an arrangement for the Israeli-based employer to sign three copies of the agreement and send them to the department for signature of the person selected for employment. After receiving the copy of the employment agreement, the department will sign the selected person and enter the remaining copy in the information management system of the Department of Foreign Employment for the record.

Thus, those who have already signed the agreement can go to Israel for employment.

What kind of people are not allowed to go?

- Went to Israel and worked in the past.

- Mother, father, husband, wife, son, or daughter living or working in Israel.

- Addicted to drugs or intoxicants.