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Nepal Police Prepared to Recruit 115,000 Myadi Police for Federal and Provincial Election

Career 31 Aug 2022 3073 0

Myadi Prahari

Nepal Police Prepared to Recruit 115,000 Myadi Police for Federal and Provincial Election: The Police Head Office has prepared to recruit 1 lakh 15 thousand Myadi for the security of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections to be held on 4 Mangsir 2079.

The head office submitted the details with the number and budget to the Ministry of Home Affairs saying that 120,000 Myadi Police will be required for the elections. After this, the Home Ministry sought approval from the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance has approved the recruitment of 115,000 Myadi Police, reducing the number by 5,000 from the demand last Sunday, and the recruitment process will proceed.

Home Ministry Spokesperson Fanindramani Pokharel informed that the Ministry of Finance has approved the recruitment of 115,000 Myadi Police.

"The Ministry of Finance has already given approval for the recruitment of 1 lakh 15 thousand Myadi. With the approval, the way has been opened for the Myadi recruitment required for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections," Pokharel, spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs, told Rajdhani.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has prepared to give priority to those who have completed their duties by joining the Myadi Police in the local elections held on 30 Baisakh in the upcoming selection process. There are preparations to recruit new ones in case of a shortage of old ones.

The tenure of the Myadi Police to be recruited in this way will also be 40 days as in the local elections. 100,000 Myadi Police were recruited in the local elections.

Nepal Police DIG and Central Police Spokesperson Tek Prasad Rai informed that Myadi, who has completed his duties in the local level elections, will be given first priority in the upcoming recruitment selection process.

According to him, former security personnel are also given priority for recruitment. "Those who have completed their duties before have experience, bringing them will also reduce the financial burden of training," Police spokesperson Rai said.

However, in order to re-enroll the Myadis who were previously admitted, the admission procedure has to be modified. "The procedure is ready, there may be a situation where some modifications are required, the procedure will be modified in the case of re-admission of former Myadi," Police spokesperson Rai said.

According to him, fugitives and former security personnel will be "ineligible" for newly recruited Myadi. Ex-Myadi who have been posted earlier but have been subject to disciplinary action will also not be considered eligible for new recruitment.

The head office has requested the required data of Myadi Police from its structural level district-wise. It is said that after the discussion with the Election Commission, the further process of Myadi admission will proceed according to the district-wise situation.

The Election Commission has been saying that the number of polling stations and centers in the next election will increase more than at the local level.