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PM Deuba Said that Youth Entrepreneurship Should be Developed in the Country

Career 13 Aug 2022 479 0

Sher Bahadur Deuba

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that youth entrepreneurship should be developed to reduce educational unemployment. Prime Minister Deuba emphasized that the youth should be active in the country's development campaign in the program organized by the International Youth Day Main Ceremony Committee on Friday on the occasion of the International Youth Day.

Pointing out the need for socializing the new generation by transferring the skills and abilities of different generations to the youth, he said that it is necessary to make the contribution of the youth who play a special role in the change of the country and society and the development of the nation known to everyone and to advance the issue of the overall interests and rights of the youth in a systematic manner.

Stating that the International Youth Day is a meaningful celebration that unites the youth of all castes, religions, genders, and communities around the world, he said that this day will highlight the potential of the youth generation and help them as meaningful partners to achieve sustainable development goals.

Prime Minister Deuba said that the slogan of this year's International Youth Day will inspire everyone to use the skills, competencies, abilities, and experiences of different generations in a coordinated and complementary manner to build an equitable and peaceful society envisioned by the world.

Pointing out the need to build a prosperous and strong society under the leadership of the youth while changing the challenges for inter-generational cooperation in various fields, Prime Minister Deuba expressed his wish that all generations can contribute to building a developed nation with a sense of safety, protection and justice.

He said, 'Healthy, educated, skilled, creative, disciplined and patriotic youth is what we need today. Only through the development of such youth, the country will be able to turn the tide. In order to build a healthy, advanced, just and peaceful society, it is necessary to provide adequate opportunities to the youth at every level and region of the state. The beautiful future of the country is ensured only through the leadership and leadership of the youth, who are considered to be the agents of change.'

He said that it is necessary for the government, the private sector, and the civil society to work in a coordinated manner to create an environment that will involve the country's new talent and new energy in employment and creative work in the country by creating sufficient opportunities within the country.

Prime Minister Deuba said that on the one hand, the state is looking for skilled and skilled citizens in the country and expressed concern that even educated youth are forced to go abroad without getting jobs and jobs according to their qualifications and abilities.

He said, 'We need to be committed to ending educational unemployment among the youth by preparing an agile and practical action plan. I would also like to appeal for the support of the private sector for this.'

He said that the Youth Council, which has been entrusted with the task of planning, execution, and coordination of youth-centered activities from the government level, has been working in the fields of youth entrepreneurship development, youth employment promotion, youth participation in development, youth leadership development, youth health, etc.

Prime Minister Deuba especially pointed out the need to emphasize the need to teach the youth useful skills and abilities to enjoy the native land and earn a living easily.