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Everest Engineering College (EEC) was established, as a leading and reputed engineering college in Nepal affiliated with Pokhara University. EEC's mission is to provide quality education in the field of technology through research and innovation to promote national integrity. EEC was established in 2001 and is located in Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, which is one of the most prominent academic cities in Nepal. EEC college provides standard classrooms, seminar halls, and ample space for recreation, making it an ideal place for academic and extracurricular activities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

At EEC, we are proud of EEC's enthusiastic and experienced academic team who are committed to providing excellent administration, classroom teaching, research activities, and management of the college. We focus on producing academically sound, highly skilled human resources for society and the nation with high human values and professional integrity. EEC's approach to education emphasizes the transfer of knowledge through research, innovation, and working opportunities to prospective engineers.

Education has been the driving force behind the evolution of society from the stone age to the highly developed and sophisticated era we live in today. It is impossible to imagine life without education, as it has become the measure of an individual's spiritual and worldly development, as well as the development of society and the nation as a whole. The future of the world can only be bright if we invest in education today, as it is the single most important weapon that can transform the lives of individuals and society.

Everest Engineering College is one of the premier educational institutions in Nepal that is dedicated to providing high-quality education to hundreds of students. EEC's aim is to turn EEC students into potential global citizens, equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills, and professionalism. At EEC, we focus on human values and subject expertise, and we use critical-pragmatic pedagogical approaches to help EEC students learn and grow. EEC teaching faculties are excellent, innovative, and eager to build new knowledge, and they encourage EEC students to contribute to their chosen field.

The EEC management system is amiable and caring towards EEC students, maintaining discipline and upholding the rules of the college. We believe that education is the key to a bright future, and we strive to provide EEC students with the best possible education and opportunities to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

We create an excellent teaching-learning environment through extensive counseling, interactions, and project work, encouraging new and creative ideas from EEC students. EEC graduates have demonstrated their competence and competitiveness both in higher education and professional careers both nationally and globally. We are dedicated to preparing EEC students for successful careers and making a positive impact on society.

Vision: EEC's vision is to become a national center of excellence for technical education by promoting research and innovation in engineering.

Mission: EEC's mission is to develop globally competent human resources through career-focused, quality technical education, and to provide accessible educational opportunities that prepare EEC graduates to be socially responsible and patriotic. We strive to produce skilled and trained human resources who can contribute to the nation-building process, leading to the prosperity of the nation.

Values: EEC values include providing quality education based on the guidelines, norms, and standards specified by Pokhara University. We aim to establish EECselves as a center of academic excellence in learning, making EEC students familiar with various technological fields and research in engineering. We also provide exposure to the latest technological innovations to EEC students.

Everest Engineering College (EEC) is a renowned institution that offers Bachelor level programs in Civil Engineering, Information Technology (IT), and Computer Engineering. It is managed by a group of young and enthusiastic academicians who strive to provide the best educational experience for their students. The college has a new premise that boasts of adequate infrastructure and facilities to provide a conducive learning environment.

EEC prides itself on its highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to delivering quality education to their students. The college offers intensive relevant training to help students excel in their careers. Moreover, EEC invites renowned academicians and professionals to deliver guest lectures and share their knowledge with students.

EEC believes in quality education within affordability and offers scholarships to deserving students. The college provides a range of scholarships, including Nepal Government Scholarships, Outstanding Scholarships, Class Topper Scholarships, and Admission Scholarships. The Nepal Government Scholarships are offered to 10% of students under the rules of Pokhara University, providing full waiver on admission, tuition, and semester fees. Outstanding Scholarships provide full tuition fee waiver to the university topper (SGPA 4.0) for the next one semester, and Class Topper Scholarships provide 50% tuition fee waiver to the class topper for the next one semester. Admission Scholarships are awarded to academically sound students based on their Secondary Level (10+2) examinations or equivalent and an entrance exam conducted by EEC followed by an interview.

Admission to the BE IT program requires Secondary Level (10+2) education with Science (Physical or Bio-group), or Diploma in Engineering or equivalent, from a recognized institution, securing at least second division marks with 100 marks mathematics as one of the subjects.

At EEC, students can expect quality education, affordable fees, and numerous scholarship opportunities to support their academic journey.


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