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Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)

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Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) is a pre-diploma level course offered by Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI), Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. The course aims to provide students with a solid foundation in plant science, including topics such as soil science, crop production, horticulture, pest management, and plant breeding.

Course Outlines:
The course outline for Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) at NPI is as follows:
- Introduction to Agriculture and Plant Science
- Soil Science and Soil Management
- Crop Production and Management
- Horticulture and Landscaping
- Pest Management and Control
- Plant Breeding and Genetics
- Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization
- Agricultural Marketing and Economics

The duration of the course is 1 year.

The main objectives of the course are to:
- Provide students with a strong foundation in plant science and agriculture
- Equip students with practical skills and knowledge required for agriculture practices
- Train students to use modern technologies and techniques for plant cultivation and production
- Prepare students for further studies in agriculture and related fields
- Develop entrepreneurship skills in students to create job opportunities in the agricultural sector

To be eligible for Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science), candidates must have completed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or equivalent.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
- Understand the fundamental principles of plant science and agriculture
- Identify and diagnose soil problems and suggest appropriate remedies
- Plan and manage crop production and horticulture practices
- Identify common pests and diseases affecting crops and develop effective control measures
- Apply plant breeding and genetics techniques for crop improvement
- Use agricultural machinery and equipment safely and effectively
- Understand the marketing and economics of agriculture

Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) is a foundational course that provides students with basic knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture and plant science. Graduates can find employment in various sectors related to agriculture such as government departments, NGOs, agricultural research organizations, seed and fertilizer companies, and farming industries.

Career Prospects:
After completing the course, graduates can pursue careers in various sectors such as:
- Agriculture Extension Officer
- Field Assistant
- Farm Manager
- Agricultural Technician
- Horticulturist
- Seed Production Officer
- Plant Breeder
- Agricultural Research Assistant

Career Options:
Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) also provides a strong foundation for further studies in agriculture and related fields such as Diploma in Agriculture, Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Horticulture, Bachelor of Forestry, and Master of Science in Agriculture.

Why Choose this Course:
Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) is an ideal course for students who are interested in the field of agriculture and want to pursue a career in it. The course provides a solid foundation in plant science and agriculture, and students can acquire practical skills and knowledge required for modern agriculture practices.

Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI) provides scholarships to deserving and needy students. Students can inquire about the scholarship options available to them at the time of admission.

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