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Nepal Rastriya College, Kathmandu

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Course Level

Bachelor Degree


4 Years

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Full Time




UGC Approved


Bachelor of Arts (BA) at Nepal Rastriya College, Nepaltar, Kathmandu

Embark on a multifaceted educational journey with the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program at Nepal Rastriya College (NR College), Nepaltar, Kathmandu. This program, which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, paves the way for a broad understanding of the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Course Overview

The BA program offers a comprehensive foundation in subjects like history, literature, sociology, and psychology. It equips students with the knowledge and skills required to understand, interpret, and critique various aspects of human society and culture.

Course Outline

The course is structured to provide a balanced academic experience. Core courses are paired with elective options to offer a well-rounded education. Typical subjects include:

  • Core Subjects: English, Nepali, History
  • Electives: Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Economics


The BA program spans over a period of three years, broken down into six semesters.


  • To provide a broad-based education in arts and humanities.
  • To develop critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • To foster an understanding of different cultures, philosophies, and social structures.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the BA program, candidates must have successfully completed their high school education or its equivalent.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding of human culture and social systems.
  • Skill development in analytical thinking, research, and communication.
  • A well-rounded education to tackle real-world challenges.

Scope and Fees Structure

  • Scope: Graduates can pursue careers in various fields including journalism, education, social work, and public relations.
  • Fees: For the complete fee structure, interested candidates should contact the administration office.

Career Prospects

Post-completion, the career paths are diverse, including roles like:

  • Journalist
  • Social Worker
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Educator

Career Options

  • Media and Journalism
  • Public Policy and Government
  • Social Work and Community Development
  • Educational Institutions

Why Choose This Course?

The BA program at NR College is not just an academic course; it’s a stepping stone for holistic personal and professional development. The curriculum, backed by skilled faculty, offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

What After BA?

Upon completing the BA program, graduates can either step into the workforce in their chosen field or pursue higher education like Master’s programs in their area of interest.


Scholarships are available on both merit and need-basis. For more information on scholarships, contact the administration office.


The Bachelor of Arts program at Nepal Rastriya College is your ticket to a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and guided by expert faculty, the program opens doors to various paths, both academic and professional.

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