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Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar, Morang

MA English

Affiliated To: Tribhuvan University (TU)



Course Level

Master Degree


2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




UGC Approved


Overview of MA English at Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar

Degree Campus Biratnagar, a prominent institution in Morang, Nepal, offers an MA English program that stands tall with its affiliation to the esteemed Tribhuvan University (TU). This master's program is meticulously crafted to provide students with a holistic understanding of English literature and language.

Course Overview

The MA English program is a comprehensive exploration into the vast realms of English literature, linguistics, and critical theories. It offers a blend of classical literary works, contemporary narratives, and rigorous linguistic studies.

Course Outlines

  1. Classical English Literature
  2. Modern and Postmodern Literature
  3. Linguistic Studies and Phonetics
  4. Critical Theories and Literary Criticism
  5. World Literature in English
  6. Literary Research Methodology
  7. Postcolonial Literature
  8. Drama and Theater Studies
  9. Prose and Non-fiction
  10. Poetry Analysis and Appreciation


The program spans over 2 years with an annual exam system, encompassing a thorough study in each year.


  • To offer an in-depth understanding of major English literary epochs and movements.
  • To hone analytical and critical thinking skills through literature.
  • To provide a foundational understanding of linguistic principles and applications.
  • To foster a love for literature and encourage original literary contributions.


Candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in English or a related field from a recognized institution.

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students will:

  1. Possess a thorough knowledge of major literary works and movements.
  2. Be able to critically analyze and interpret literary texts.
  3. Have a foundational grasp of linguistics and its real-world applications.
  4. Be prepared for advanced research, teaching roles, or other professional avenues.


English, being a global language, offers vast opportunities. Graduates can delve into academia, research, writing, journalism, and much more.

Fees Structure

For a detailed fee breakdown, candidates are advised to reach out directly to the administration office.

Career Prospects

MA English graduates have a plethora of career avenues:

  • Academic Researcher
  • College/University Professor
  • Literary Critic
  • Book Editor
  • Content Writer

Career Options

  1. Pursue a Ph.D. in English or related disciplines.
  2. Engage in journalism or media roles.
  3. Enter the publishing industry.
  4. Work as a freelance writer or translator.
  5. Explore opportunities in international relations or diplomacy.

Why Choose this Course

  • Academic Excellence: Affiliation with Tribhuvan University ensures quality education.
  • Holistic Curriculum: The program provides a balance of literary studies and linguistic insights.
  • Global Relevance: English being a universal language, this course offers global career opportunities.
  • Personal Growth: The study of literature enriches the soul, fosters empathy, and broadens horizons.


Degree Campus Biratnagar offers various scholarships based on merit, need, and other criteria. Detailed information is available at the administration office.

Choosing the MA English program at Degree Campus Biratnagar is a step towards academic excellence, personal growth, and a myriad of career opportunities in the ever-relevant field of English.

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