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4th National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day 2078

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National ICT Day 2078

4th National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day 2078:

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung has expressed his best wishes to all on the occasion of the 4th National Information and Communication Technology Day-2078 BS.

On the occasion of this day, which is being celebrated under the slogan 'Base of Prosperous Nepal, Expansion of Information and Communication Technology, the government is determined to fully implement the program to achieve the goals of good governance, sustainable development, and poverty reduction.

In the message, he said, "The government has launched 'Citizen App' to provide all government services to the citizens online to build an information technology-friendly Nepal."

Stating that today is the age of information and communication technology, Minister Gurung said that the government's goal is to fulfill the national resolve of 'Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali' by connecting every sector with information and communication technology as per the demands of the modern age.

In the message, he said that the government has intensified the work of advancing the program of 'Digital Nepal Framework' effectively by preparing the policy, legal and structural basis to achieve the same goal.

"The government has introduced the 'Information Technology Bill' in the federal parliament to prevent the misuse of the information technology sector and provide easy access to its development". In the message, he said, "The construction and expansion of the information highway has been given priority."

Minister Gurung said that the government has provided policy, program and budget to ensure access to information technology infrastructure at all local levels, ward offices, community educational institutions, health centers, provide broadband internet service in the above places and establish and operate information technology centers at each local level Mentioning that the work of 5G test has been taken forward to make the telecommunication service quality.

"Cybercrime control, cybersecurity, and security of government data centers are very sensitive issues and special attention has been paid to their security," he said in the message.

Minister Gurung heartily appealed to all to stay safe from COVID-19 using information and communication technology. On this occasion, he also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the individuals/organizations working in the national/international arena involved in the campaign to make the country prosperous through the field of information and communication technology.