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Sagarmatha Insurance Call to Apply for Basic Training of Insurance Agents

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Sagarmatha Insurance Call to Apply for Basic Training of Insurance Agents

Sagarmatha Insurance Call to Apply for Basic Training of Insurance Agents: Since the basic training of insurance agents of the company will be conducted from 2078-08-17 to 20th, keeping in mind the convenience of the people who are willing to work as insurance agents of Sagarmatha Insurance Company; This information has been published for the interested persons who have reached the educational qualification mentioned in the details to submit the application to the office.

1) Minimum Qualification for Insurance Agent: Minimum SLC passed or similar examination.

2) Documents to be submitted along with the application:

A) Certified copy of the educational qualification certificate obtained by him.

B) Certified copy of Nepali citizenship certificate.

C) 3 passport size photos

D) Training fee Rs. 1,000 / -

3) Documents to be attached with the application form in case of organization by the organization wishing to take the training of institutional insurance agent:

A) Returning to the post of participating director (Official letter to open the current evidence from which date to which date.)

B) Minutes of the decision of the Board of Directors to participate in the training of insurance agents.

C) Certificate and rules of the company, company registration certificate, certified copy of VAT / PAN registration certificate.

Certificate of tax payment up to the previous financial year applied for and audited financial statements.

E) Minimum S.L.C. of the participating operator. Certified copy of the passed educational qualification.

F) Certified copy of Nepali citizenship.

G) Participation fee is Rs.

4) Date, place and time of training: Location will also be conducted from Biratnagar branch office (Zoom) (Narayan Gautam (98551226646))

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact person: Kabita Acharya (Head Office, Kathmandu.)

Note: As it is not possible to include more than 30 participants in the said training, it is informed that the application for registration will be given priority.

Published date: 2078-08-11