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11 Best Ways to Avoid Negativity

Motivation 22 Jan 2019 856 0

Avoid Negativity

If you have to be successful, then you have to be avoided the negativity. Someone close to you, he speaks sadly in front of you; start complaining and you just keep thinking that from within you it is so negative for you? You begin to feel their grief and do not want to let their complaints and problems dominate you.

In today's times, negative thinking is surrounded by life and this creates obstacles in life. Human beings are bound to be envious of hatred, and all these expressions are obstructing human progress. Humans are constantly eliminating the golden plumage of life in this kind of thinking. If you are born with such negative expression yourself or you are seeing such expressions in your friend or relative, then you can try the following methods.

First, understand the negative thoughts and know what you are suffering from and not accept it. You can do this comparison by staying confined to you. You do not need any other than yourself to get away from negative emotions.

Reasons for Negative Feelings:

  • Always think of yourself less or more than others.
  • Always remove the drawbacks in others.
  • Always consider yourself humiliated.
  • Being dissatisfied means that there is no attachment to your life, your work, and this glow always.
  • Being unhappy with small things and bothering yourself and others.
  • Finding evil in any item, such as food or clothing, etc.

There may be many other reasons why people make slaves of negative lives. Observe your life according to all the points mentioned above that you are not even born with negative feelings.

If that is the case, then give your right direction to your life, accepting your own inner deficiency and helping yourself.

Man is ultimately responsible for self. Our first duty is towards self, it does not mean that we become selfish, but do not keep anyone happy unless you love yourself.

The life of anyone is not normal, but the negative thoughts of the person are responsible for their suffering. Conflicts are an integral part of life. If you take it like weight and sorrow, then this beautiful life given by God will seem like a curse.

Follow These Tips to stop negative thinking:

Easy ways have been written for how to get rid of life from negative thinking, which you can easily add to life with your daily routine. But for that, you have to awaken yourself and your thinking is negative, accept it, which is not a big deal. Today, negativity is increasing due to increasing distances in families with crime and cheating.

  1. The beginning of the morning:

Start the day with a blissful mind, for which early in the morning. The time of the environment when the sun is towards the east and the sky is sky-like with the sounds of birds, then go out of the house and walk barefoot on the couch and remember the happy living of life.

  1. Meditate for a moment in God

Although in today's time no one believes in this, you can do this only to concentrate your mind. Spirituality is also a form of science; it is not too much, but giving 5 minutes of worship in the worship of God brings enthusiasm in the life of a person because we knowingly give all our problems to God, which makes us feel self-reliant |

  1. Make exercise or yoga part of life

Exercise or yoga is not always helpful for physical health, it also leads to mental development. It should be compulsory to give 30 hours a day, do pranayama, yoga, and places like a gym to give body to your body, this creates positive feelings in life. Moods are happy, mental satisfaction remains.

  1. Meditate:

Within 15 minutes of the day sitting in the meditation with the index finger and thumb attached to your hand and placed the wrist on the knee. And Sukasan, that means, living in silence. Sit in this posture and pronounce it with a long breath.

  1. Do not eat meat or eat less

Meat-eaters become intense and devious minded like wild animals. Our human body is not made to digest this kind of food if we eat such a large quantity of food then it is natural to come to the negativity of our thoughts. If you prefer meat, take it sometimes so that your mind will be satisfied and its side effects will also be reduced.

  1. Do not drink alcohol:

Wines also give birth to negative thoughts; By its use, human beings behave like beasts, and their control starts to end on their own senses. Therefore, do not use alcohol or alcohol at least.

  1. Take Sattvic food

Food is responsible for the thoughts of the man if we eat light Sattvic without garlic, onion meal, we feel light and it also affects our thoughts. Sattvic food gives a positive direction to human thinking.

  1. Make a habit of laughing

It is a kind of therapy that laughs loudly for 5 to 10 minutes daily without any reason. Mood swings are pleasant. Blood pressure control remains and the thoughts come in the activity. Do not seek any chance to laugh, just laugh loudly and you will come in your habit.

  1. Spend time with children

Children are very cute if you have any children in your house, play with them, answer their questions and listen to their point of view, understand. Then you will realize how naïve you are in the world. If there are no children in the house then you should meet with the children of the colony and meet them. Whatever you say, whatever you want to do for your happiness.

  1. Make friends:

Generally, after the marriage of girls, their friends are relieved and they become lonely and depressed because of this, therefore, people of all ages should make their own circle. It should be a part of life to spend time with friends and family.

  1. Do not sit on television, newspaper news in mind:

Today crime is increasing today, which we read on TV shows, news channels, and newspapers every day. This news are being seen or studied only to make you alert, which are necessary, but these things increase negativity. The sense of doubt starts increasing in the person, so it is okay to be vigilant, but it is wrong to keep all those things in mind, so the pleasure of life gets over. That is why elderly people always say whatever they want to be, believe in God. Today, that generation laughs, but always staying in tension is better than many times.

How to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts:

1 As there are two aspects of a coin, every situation also has two aspects: If there are negative thoughts in your mind that are causing anger in you then calm it down and observe the situation from another's point of view.

2 You have what you are like if you are fat, thin or physically, there is any deficiency in it, then accepts it with love. All of us do not get everything in life, which you do not always have, many people do not have it.

3 Know your quality and increase it. Apart from the job and regular work, make the hobby a thing and give it time in the day. You will love yourself and negative thinking will change.

4 To spend time always do not depend on anything, do something new every day. Find a way to be happy with yourself.

5 Enjoy the party or family fun with everyone, do not underestimate anything that is happy if negative emotions come, then at the same time, take a deep breath and deep breath and go into your head and go back to work Or in the angle.

6 If you have a chance to do something new, do not think of its negative part, always do any work with positive emotion.

7 Do not consider yourself alone or sad because if you want a sense of sympathy for yourself, then this is the biggest negative attribute. It is a good thing to adapt to the situation, but it is not right to be sad forever. Keep yourself away from such thinking, explain it to yourself, because it is darkness, there is life out of it, so do not allow such a feeling in the mind. Always make yourself strong and courageous and remind yourself that you are very strong.

8 Never ever compare yourself with the rich more than you, while always comparing yourself with the lesser ones will make it easier for you to understand every aspect of life. And you will say thanks to God that whatever you have is very much, you will not have any problems with yourself at that time.

9 Negativity is not a disease; it is a feeling that can be made by it automatically, it is necessary to understand itself.

10 Negative thoughts also cause a person to become angry. Therefore, after reacting to any verb, give two minutes thinking again and doing this will make you feel peaceful in yourself.

All the points written above were about the change in your nature, which you can gradually bring in and can, avoid yourself from negativity.

Life Changing Story:

Long ago, there were a lot of frogs in a pond. There was a very old metal pillar between the middle of the pond, which was prepared by the king who built that pond. The pillar was very high and its surface was smooth too.

One day the frogs came to mind that why not take a race. The participants in the race will have to climb the pillars and the first to reach the top will be considered as the winner. The day of the race arrived, there was a lot of crowd around, many frogs from nearby areas came to take part in this race. There was stirring in the atmosphere, a noise was noise all the way.

The race started, but seeing the pillar, no frog in the crowd was convinced that any frog would reach the top. It was heard on every side that 'he is very tough'. They will never be able to finish the race. There is no question of success, it can not be mounted on such a smooth pillar. And this was also happening, whatever the frog tried, he would go down a bit and fall down.

Many frogs were engaged in their efforts even after falling two or three times. But the crowd was still shouting, it can not be, impossible And those excited frogs also became desperate to hear this and listen to their efforts.

But there was a small frog between the frogs, which was also used to climb up with the same enthusiasm even though falling again and again. She continued moving upwards and eventually reached the top of the pillar and became the winner of this race.

Everyone was surprised at his victory, all the frogs surrounded him and started asking, "How did you do this impossible job, even if you got the power to achieve your goal, even you can tell us that you have won this How did you get it?

Then there was a voice from behind. Oh, what do you ask him, he is deaf?