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Best Ways to Always Stay Happy and Motivated

Motivation 19 Nov 2022 276 0

Stay Happy and Motivated

Best Ways to Always Stay Happy and Motivated: You feel only one change and that is the inner feelings. Just like the way we need food, we need to focus on our thoughts as well, our thoughts are food for our mind, and when there is demand from all sides, our mind functions smoothly.

Just ask yourself one question, have you ever done wrong to yourself? The answer will come no, but I think the answer is 'yes' because you think, feel sad, and sometimes even cry because of others and put yourself in trouble. In fact, it greatly affects your health and even your life.

Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated
There are many ways to pick up this trend and I have handpicked some of the best and most effective ways out of them, hope they help you and change the way you think. These are all based on my own experiences so I can relate easily.

1) Quit Bad Habits:

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, etc. are counted among the most common bad habits, they are not good for our health. Generally, you do not consume alcohol or smoke openly and those things which are not done openly are called bad habits.

In fact, you have to hide these things and these things can give you stress. Hence, it is advised to stay away from these things. There is a reason that it is not good for your health. It damages your lungs, kidneys, etc. and an unhealthy body can never be happy. If you are unwell then you start feeling depressed and it automatically sinks you into the quagmire of depression.

2) Create Challenges:

It is a fact that when you start taking challenges it creates a positive effect in your mind and fills you with lot of enthusiasm and motivates you.

Accepting challenges and completing them infuses a different level of confidence in you and keeps you motivated always. So always know your potential and don't hesitate to accept challenges.

Whenever you do something without thinking about the consequences, you are much more confident and persuasive. When you do something under pressure, it automatically frustrates you. One more thing, when she had given all these interviews and when she really wanted the job, she was not worried at all because all the previous interviews had instilled a sense of confidence in her.

That's why never leave any chance, even if it is of no use, but do try it once. It instills a certain kind of confidence in you. Try it sometime, it will work.

3) Be with positive people:

The thing that influences us the most is our background, generally, children learn from what they see around them and when we surround ourselves with positive people it automatically reflects in our lives.

You may have a question in your mind that how to choose a neighbor, because choosing a person with positive thoughts is not your choice, in this case you yourself should choose good thoughts and behavior because no one throws a stone at a good dog except some Naughty kids.

Till the time you don't put some effort, no one will get into trouble, so why put effort into negative things, instead take things positively. If someone throws garbage in front of your house, there can be two possibilities, either their house cleaner might be behind it or something is wrong. So, first of all, talk to that person about your problem and if still, it continues then you can take further action.

Being with positive people means, you can also stay connected with social media, phone etc. This gives you inner peace and better mental health. Good mental health will always keep you happy and motivated. Mental health is very important so don't ignore it.

4) Your Health Your Priority:

Some of us are so devoted to others that we forget ourselves. So, don't be such a person because no one can suffer in your place in your time. If you have fever, you have to deal with it. So, your health should be your priority, it is only a healthy person who can accept any challenge or do any work.

Always make sure that you are in good health and then only you can make others happy. When your family is happy, you automatically become happy.

5) Take some time for yourself

There should always be time in your life, so take some time to prepare yourself, to do something for yourself. This is very essential, when you talk to yourself it develops a sense of intimacy for you and you can clearly analyze your thoughts.

This also gives you a chance to learn and grow. As it is a fact that we all love to do what we love, ie our hobbies. When we take out some time for our hobby, it automatically changes our mood and it has been found in research that these type of people are more active and also have better sense of humor.

6) Make Sun your friend:

In ordinary life, darkness is depicted as bad and light as good, and if you go deep into this idea, it is true to a large extent.

We tend to get a little sad on an overcast day than on a sunny day, so don't forget to take some time out for the sun. Spending time in the sun will not only increase Vitamin D levels, but will also keep you happy and motivated. People feel more depressed and depressed during the winter and autumn season.

7) Love every human being:

We all are on this planet for some years and people come and go but their name remains forever. Even Shakespeare made his girlfriend a mortal. Your name and work is always there, so always do good work.

It is not one person who treats you unfairly; In fact, it is your bad state that makes him look bad in front of you. Suppose if one is wrong, he should be wrong with everyone and should not have any friends or relatives, but they are the best for some people. It indicates that it is your behavior that makes a person good or bad for you. Yes, it is a different matter that there are some special conditions in every situation.

You have to love everyone whether they are good to you or bad. Do you know how cool it is? It keeps you safe from thinking anything about anyone and keeps your thoughts clear, so love everyone, it doesn't cost you any money and helps you develop a giving attitude and Those who give are the happiest people. Because we give only when we have and it can be happiness, love, or whatever.

8) Never Compare:

Comparison kills your inner peace and can depress you, so never develop this habit in yourself. Let me explain it to you in a better way.

For example, take 3 bowls and put water in all but the last one with luke warm water, the middle one with normal water and the first one with cold water. Now ask a person to put his hand in hot water than normal water. Ask him which one is colder, he will definitely tell the other, similarly, when you repeat the same activity with a bowl of normal and cold water the answer will change.

The moral of the story is that change happens in people and their priorities change when circumstances change, so never compare.

When God created humans, He made some of us beautiful, some kind, some talented, etc. Similarly, you are also one of them and know your potential and you are unique in your own way.

It is a fact that some of us are born rich but it is unlikely that they die rich. A famous quote from Bill Gates: “If you were born poor, it is not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault.”

We all get opportunities, just use it and if you compare with someone, instead of being jealous, make an achievement. Jealousy can destroy your happiness and will always demoralize you. So, adopt a positive attitude.

9) Always have a beautiful smile:

A smile attracts everyone and it is the easiest way to convince anyone. Whatever the situation you are facing, never stop smiling because it releases hormones like dopamine, endorphin and serotonin which reduce stress and keep you happy.

Sometimes your stress can destroy your inner peace and adopting this method will really help you. Stress leads to many harmful diseases like thyroid, diabetes, etc. All these are chronic diseases and they will never leave you.

So, keep your worries aside and smile every day, it will also develop positive vibes around you and a calm mind can find solutions.

10) Take proper food:

A healthy diet is very important for all of us. You can define good health only when you are physically, mentally and socially strong and happy. Suppose if you have any stress then you will not be considered healthy. Hence, a proper diet is very essential to keep you happy and motivated.

Apart from what you eat if you eat egg, almonds, low fat food, curd etc which triggers your happy hormones and maintains your internal energy level. So, if you are sad or in tension, never skip your meals as food can lift your bad mood.

Benefits/Advantages of being Happy and Motivated:

  • It will gift you good health.
  • A happy mind can think better and take better decisions.
  • When you are motivated then only you can grow in life whether physically, mentally, or financially.
  • Inner motivation is very necessary for all of us because the world is full of competition and our inner motivation only can compel us to do something good, otherwise, we will remain stressed.
  • Improves your behavior around friends, co-workers, family, etc.
  • People would love to be with you because we all love people who are positive and motivated in their life.
  • Most importantly, it will make you successful and your success speaks louder than words.
  • Only a happy and calm mind can take good decisions.

It is not that easy to be positive, motivated, and happy in life all the time, but it is not impossible either. Instead of being sad and dejected when you cannot be, be happy and motivated because it is a harsh truth of life, that whatever your situation is you have to live it. Life is pointless if you waste your precious time in being sad and dejected. It is a choice and it is up to you, so why not choose something beneficial. I have also mentioned some of the drawbacks of being sad and discouraged.

Some Drawbacks of being Unhappy and Demotivated:

There are many downsides to being sad and discouraged here:

  • It develops many diseases in you and can also lead to serious diseases like brain tumors and paralysis.
  • Nobody loves a personally disabled person, because people start feeling him a burden.
  • It may affect your performance in your office.
  • It hinders your growth and learning abilities.
  • It can develop different types of depression which lead to suicidal thoughts.

You will lose your money, name, friends, close ones, etc. just because of your negative behavior. So, stay away from such thoughts, it is not that every time a person becomes successful. So, don't lose hope because God has a better plan for all of us, the issue is when do we get it.

A famous line by Guru Gopal Das - "Life is a journey between 'B' and 'D', i.e. Birth and Death, and the only word that is in between is 'C' i.e. Choice."

Don't think too much about your worries and forget about worries, failures and enjoy your life because they are part of life and even Bill Gates is not born the richest man in the world, becoming a billionaire. It also took him at least 31 years. So, enjoy your life and learn from your failures and choose a positive attitude towards life, it will definitely make you successful. If not money, at least your behavior and personality will be immortalized.