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Best Ways to Build Self-Confidence in Child

Motivation 19 Nov 2022 271 0

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We all want our children to be successful and happy in the future. Wherever these children go, they spread happiness and make the environment around them happy. The power to do this comes from self-confidence. Every child is born with certain qualities along with birth. One of these qualities is self-confidence.

Small children are full of confidence. Jumped from anywhere, said anything to anyone without fear or danced freely on the road, children are an inspiration for us elders.

But reaching the sixth, seventh stage of age, their confidence gradually decreases. The self-confidence of children is greatly affected by the ever-increasing expectations and competition in school, home, neighborhood. That is why it is the responsibility of the parents that we should not let their confidence decrease. Self-confidence will be the most important quality for their better future. On the strength of self-confidence, he will be successful in achieving whatever he wants, wherever he wants in the world.

In such a situation, as a parent, you should adopt some ways by which their confidence will increase continuously and they should never doubt their abilities.

Usually 90% of the human brain is developed in the early years (by the age of five). If you are attentive and always there for your child, it instills a kind of confidence within your child. They feel safe and whenever they cry, they know that someone is there to hold them.

Children begin to develop self-confidence from an early age when they feel safe and loved. As they grow, they learn different habits and develop some new skills like making friends, learning different skills like music, art, sports etc. When they feel capable of doing something, they automatically develop a sense of self-confidence. Having a confident presence boosts their self-esteem and enables them to handle various things. Therefore it is very important to develop self-confidence in children.

As we all know that confidence plays a very important role in all the phases of our life. Hence, we have discussed some simple ways to build confidence in your kids.

1) Praise your child:

Usually children always feel very proud when they are praised. They try to do something new to get appreciation. Therefore, always praise your child, but this praise should not be false. Make him feel good and inspired whenever he tries something new. If he fails in some task, avoid scolding and motivate him to try harder and achieve the goal. Never compliment her too much, as this can lead to overconfidence. Too much of anything is not good, so keep a balance in everything.

Whether it is handling a task well in the office or preparing a great recipe, whenever we do a good job, we want to be appreciated. Appreciation gives us confidence in ourselves and our work. Along with this, it also gives us the courage that if we have done this, then we can do anything in future. Children are also eager to get praise from their parents. Whether it's making a great drawing or putting their toys back in place, kids want you to notice and appreciate their work. That's why praise children for their efforts. This motivates them to do good work.

2) Be a role model:

Children learn from others and their first school is their home, so when they see you working, it inspires them to help you with the day's work. They do all this also because they consider you as their ideal.

3) Give Responsibility:

Give small responsibilities to your child. Like tidying up his toys or arranging his books on the shelf. When he is given some responsible work, he is very happy, and new energy flows in him. In this way, he will learn different tasks and can develop his self-esteem. He will do whatever you give him because he sees you as a role model.

4) Say 'try again':

Life is not always the same, so always prepare them for anything; Be it success or failure. There is a very famous old saying, "Try again", keep repeating it again and again, in your words as well as in your deeds. This will help them throughout their life and help them deal with all the negative situations. The ray of positivity can change their life, so always be their mentor and keep boosting their confidence at regular intervals.

“By realizing one's own power and having confidence in one's own ability, anyone can create a better world.” - Dalai Lama

5) Encourage various activities:

It is always advised to practice different skills and activities, as through this you can identify their skills and encourage them accordingly. Children feel very happy and energetic by participating in various activities, as a result of which their self-confidence also increases. When we do something well it automatically reflects in our behaviour, so you should do different activities for your child to know their strengths as well as weaknesses.

6) Don't over-praise

When a child feels loved and secure, he automatically feels confident. But over-praise is harmful, because sometimes when they fail and instead of motivating them to do well, if we praise them for everything, it will give them comfort and motivate them to do better. Will not try That's why never praise them too much and unnecessarily. It's not good for them.

7) Let them make their own choices

The ability to make choices builds self-confidence in children. Let them decide for themselves what to eat or wear according to the weather. At least let them take responsibility for their likes and dislikes.

When they develop the ability to take decisions, it automatically instills confidence in them.

8) Give them selfless love

Let them know that your love is unconditional, whether they fail or succeed. Really stand by them always, motivate them to do good things. Children can easily understand your love and anger, so always be there for them, it will keep them motivated. Your scolding can make them aggressive.

9) Let Them Try

Don't always serve everything ready-made for them, but let them try. For example, let them get ready for school by themselves, pack their own bags, make their own breakfast, etc. When they do these things themselves, they will develop confidence. Once they get used to such things, they can feel quite capable of teaching others, and this boosts their confidence.

10) Give them work according to their age

Give them some responsibilities, such as taking care of the dog, filling water bottles, taking care of their younger siblings, cleaning the sofa, etc. This will develop in them a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. You can give them a chance to choose any work of their choice.

11) Support their dreams

If your child wants to fly in the sky and become a pilot or loves singing, then let him pursue his dreams and support him. Because when parents trust and support them, they develop responsibility and self-confidence and perform at their best. Support them that you are with them in every situation, be it success or failure. In this way, you can boost their confidence.

13) Always be around them

In fact they don't need to be surrounded all day long. Just make them feel that you are always with them in every situation. Show your trust in them, let them go wherever they want and do whatever they want, just keep an eye on them. Through this, they will not be afraid to try new things, as they sense your presence and once there, they become accustomed to it. This can then lead to a drastic change in their behavior and confidence.

14) Let them be friends

It takes a lot of courage to talk to a new person and when a child does this, they feel a kind of energy and confidence within themselves. In such a situation, he can face anyone and develop a sense of understanding for people, which is very necessary. So, give them leeway to befriend and build their confidence.

15) Ask for advice

You can create a situation according to their age and ask them for solutions or advice. This develops a kind of self-confidence in them, and they feel that they are also an important part of the family, and can help their elders. It fills them with a sense of self-confidence.

16) love and show love

Love fills us with courage and confidence. When we know that someone loves us very much and will not leave us no matter what happens, we do the most difficult things. Everyone loves their child. But Indian parents do not know how to show love. Hug your child, cuddle and assure him that you love him very much. Believe me, this love becomes their strength and along with becoming self-confident, they become human beings who understand the happiness and sorrows of others.

We all know that there will be difficulties ahead in the life of children. Exam results may be bad, heart will be broken in love or job will not be available despite abilities. In such a situation, your child should know how to motivate himself. The child learns a lot from you. That's why you also show him in the situation of trouble how we can talk to ourselves, talk positively to remove ourselves from this negativity and help us to see clearly. This is because whenever the child falls, his confidence does not fall.

Many people get surprised in difficulties because they do not know how to adapt to the circumstances. New types of people, new types of thinking and things different from their own get them in trouble. So give your child all the comforts but also prepare them for the situation when they will not get all these.

Sports, singing, dance, drama are such things which enhance the talent of children. The fear of the crowd, the fear of speaking on the stage, the fear of sharing your ideas are reduced. Along with this, the scope of children also increases. They learn to enjoy life.

This is most important. When the child tells you his dream, do not make fun of him. Don't put him down or scold him for having such dreams. Understand and give wings to his dreams. Make him believe that he can achieve anything.

Being self-confident is very easy for some children, while for others it is a difficult task. Research has found that a confident child can better deal with a variety of challenges and responsibilities. So, as a parent, it is very important for you to analyze your child, and know his strengths and weaknesses. We have discussed some important ways to improve your child's self-confidence and you can find more if you wish; These would be simple ways like practicing yoga, playing some challenging games, allowing them to voice their opinion in the discussion, playing some team games, etc. It will help them to develop their confidence and become successful in their life.