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Essay Writing Tips - How to Write Good Essay

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Essay Writing Tips - How to Write Good Essay

Essay Writing Tips - How to Write Good Essay

The essay writing or article is an important part of any exam. Its importance also increases in literary and artistic subjects. Essays are not only useful in terms of examination but rather, there is tremendous growth in the knowledge of those who read and write, and the interest in the serious study is awakened. It is a manifest form of the author's thoughts and feelings and is the unique means of publishing his personality.

Language is of utmost importance in essay writing. This is an art. Sanskrit scholars believe that the way in which writing verse is the criterion of verse-writing art, in the same way, the essay-writing, prose-writing is the criterion of art. An essay is an important component of prose.


An essay is a French language word. In the opinion of foreign scholars, the free expression of free from all kinds of bonds is called an essay. The essay can be written on large and small to small subjects. According to the opinion of foreign scholars, free expression of free from all kinds of bonds is called an essay. The essay can be written on large and small to small subjects. According to English scholars, no limit on the essay can be fixed. The essence can also be written for two-four pages and even more pages. Some scholars also have the idea that the 'essay' is called irregular and non-related composition, in this composition "there is a free flight of mind".

Actually "essay is the creation in which a writer expresses his or her opinion in a limited time and limited terms." In the page-land of the essay, the writer has personality, he has a mood. It is natural to differ in the views of different authors written on the same subject, so in the essay writing, the importance of the author's personality is not the same as that of the subject. The author also brightens the very dry topic with its talent and personality.

Good Essay Writing Instruments:

Whatever the level of the student, the need to write a good essay and the desire is made to everyone. How to write essays and how to achieve proficiency in writing a good essay? By taking into account some simple tips for this, you can gain proficiency in writing a very good essay.

In good essay writing, mainly the following two things are required -

I) Content:

Content is essentially important element in essay writing. In the absence of this main element, no article can be written and no essay. Collecting material is not an ordinary job. It requires the sum of many things. We should have complete knowledge about the world in which we live in a subtle observation of everything. We also need to make travel to different places because we cannot describe the precision of an object without taking a country.

The main thing to write an essay is that we should have a serious study on different things, and especially on the subject on which we have to write an essay. Our word storehouse should be spacious and hard work. We should see that the topic, on which we have to write the essay, is the views of the famous scholars on that subject. For the study, we should choose books of high ranking writers. Only welfare cannot be done through study. After study the ultimate need for meditation is.

Think about the subject you want to write on, carefully think about it and see where the facts are in it. Essay - Most of the essence in writing is practice, writing essays for practice is to raise the bulk of the sand, it is often seen that such students who lack ideas or studying, but sometimes see the sky while writing, and sometimes Earth. Although there is a lot of need for practice in every area of the world, especially in the writing, because without it the author of the practice cannot move a step further.

II) Style:

Style means 'how to do any work' A special method is required to write the essay. In essay writing, beautiful, meaningful words should be used; sentences should be systematic and well organized. Along with this, the sentences are small and simple. Interpretation, idioms, and ornaments should be used in the middle - in order to attract attention and flow in the language. If it is used in the place of words, then similar words are even better. The words of other languages, which are popular in Hindi, should be brought in use; this will increase the clarity of language. To say this is the essence of the essay should be simple, pure, intelligible, and efficacious.

Part of the essay - the key part of a good essay:

I) Start (role):

This section should introduce the subject. Describe the subject, its practical, social and national environment, its relation to daily life, etc., in this part.

The beginning of the essay should also be attractive and efficacious, which can generate interest and curiosity in the reader's heart. The essence of the essay is closely related to the subject and the difference between the subjects. The preamble should be brief, but the beginning of the abstract treatise, by the words of a poet related to the subject; by defining the subject of importance, by showing the subject, or by showing the current state and importance of the subject.

II) Middle (Subject Matter):

The essence of the subject is described in the middle part. In this part, various facts related to the subject should be described. Surely the lines should be discussed in detail. Unnecessary and unrealistic things should not be given place in the essay. This leads to a cliché increase of the essay, but the fear of coming to the despair of the subject remains intimidated.

III) End (Conclusion):

This is also called a conclusion. The essence of all the essays lies in the end. The termination of the essay should be done as follows; Thereby, the reader does not seem to know exactly how this happened, meaning that the subject should be meticulously sound. The essay should be completely natural and influential in itself so that all the curiosity about the reader should be settled automatically.

Types of Essay - The main types of writing a good essay are as follows:

1- Narrative essay

2-Descriptive essay

3- Informative essay

4- Emotional essay and

5- Imaginary anecdotes 

1. Narrative essay - In these essays, the description of the item is described in detail. An attempt is made to present the object only by describing the readers. These types of essays include both natural and unnatural objects. Such essay writing requires subtle inspection and skillful imagination.

2. Descriptive essay - These essays are the events of past events, war stories, biographies, mythological stories etc. This type of essay should focus more on order. The event that happened earlier has been described earlier in the middle of the incident, its description should be described in the middle and in the event that event has happened in the end, it should be described in the end. In this type of essay, there should not be any silence of history. The details are simple and attractive so that readers remain interested in reading the essay.

3. Informative essay - In these essays, there is a lot of thought or intellectual element. These often involve shapeless problems - logic interpretation is included. The author expresses his opinion on a subject and certifies him with his arguments and parables. To write an analytical essay, the proper knowledge and the ability to write the subject matter is absolutely essential. In the absence of serious studies and thought, the questionable essays cannot be written. The language of such essays automatically becomes somewhat difficult and incomprehensible. Still, the author should try to bring simplicity with the effectiveness in the language.

4. Emotional essay - This is a form of a thoughtful essay in which psychotherapy goes beyond logic and technique. These types of essays do not inspire to think and do something. There can be anything about them. In these essays, the essayist writers make their own composition by drowning in expressions.

5. Imaginary anecdotes: This type of authorship is written more on the level of reality and more written at the level of fiction. Often the subject of the essay is imaginative.