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How to Concentrate on Study

Motivation 06 Jan 2019 46020 0

How to Concentrate on Study

Most students sit in reading, they do not seem to read their minds, and after taking away their attention from the book in front of them, some other thoughts begin to appear in their minds. Due to which they cannot pay attention to their studies properly, and they get a lower score in the examination. If you make a schedule and try to Study by timetable, your mind will change according to your subject. Then you will not be fed up, you will be interested in the subject to study and you will compete with other students in your class. In the desire to win the competition, you will be able to give full attention to study. how to concentrate on reading and focus on study.

No concentrate on the study:

Students do not pay attention to studies, because they do not know its importance accurately, if you are motivated by a teacher in school or elder siblings at home, you will start paying attention to your own studies, Everyday work will end on time and give special importance to the study

Negative thinking:

Students mostly pay more attention to negative thoughts, due to which they cannot focus on their topic for more time and their minds become afraid of the exams due to the negative thoughts and they cannot perform properly in the examination.

How to Concentrate on Study:


Whenever you are going to study, your concentration should be only on your subject, at this time you should not think about any other topic, for this you should do your studies at a quiet place, While you are studying.


Experience is also useful in studying, you try to learn from your small mistakes, with the help of paintings while reading in the book, which will make you remember all the things easily, you get inspiration from a good child of your class. You can do and should consider why its numbers are more than you, in this way you can use its method.

How to read:

You should always sit on the chair while you study and do not lie down on the bed and do not study on it, It will get you sleepy and your time will become wastage, do not miss any of the books you read in your book properly. Knowledge of all chapters within the book will be done correctly after the book is finished, it should be revived again in a short time, so that you can remember it easily, this process Repeat again and again.


To study, you should plan a timetable, which should be followed correctly, should give sufficient time for each subject at the timetable, do not continuously studying time for 45 minutes. Be sure to take a 5-10 minute break, make your timetable according to the time it is easy to read the day or night, and do not distinguish the study from regular activity.


Do the study with disciplined and study each day, make one habit to study, so that no one needs to say anything to read, you are motivated to study yourself, it is possible through discipline.

Self Motivation in studies:

Keep your studies good and should also assess it periodically, due to which your lack of deficiency will continue to come to you, and you will be able to improve your mistakes, this will increase the quality of you, and you will get success soon.