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How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself

Motivation 23 Aug 2020 1534 0


How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself:

Many technologies are being developed in the world today. New inventions are also being made. How many more inventions are yet to come? Comfort is being obtained from all these things but real peace is not being obtained in the life of man.

What is the real potential of man? What can he achieve? What is possible with the human body that we have received? Man's ability is that he can be a kind person. You can experience happiness and peace in your life.

The Creator created us and gave us the ability to live happily and peacefully within ourselves. But, we don't make good use of it. And, we try to understand according to our own understanding. When we recognize that power within ourselves, happiness and peace are established in our hearts as well. Then happiness is possible in life. Happiness is the most important thing in life. It is difficult to live without happiness. Man needs to know his potential so that his life can be successful. You have the power to make life successful. Happiness and joy are not possible without peace in your life. 

There are billions of people on earth today. Everyone has their own definition of peace. Someone wants a good job to get peace. Someone wants to be the richest man in the world. Everyone wants to achieve peace by fulfilling their desires. People say, "I need peace." The world says, “Your family is fine. You have a good job. Your house is nice Your children are good. What else do you need? ” Is real peace really possible with all these things? Search inner peace in your daily life and find peace of mind and happiness.

Today's age is called the age of science. In this world, man has not done anything for his own comfort! Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Intelligent people have invented such devices that can leave the earth's gravitational pull and go into space and perform a variety of tasks. They are making even the seemingly impossible possible. Cameras, telephones, navigation (ship direction control system), and many other inventions have been invented. What facilities have people developed for themselves to move from one place to another? Sitting on the earth, looking at thousands of millions of miles away, one can tell ‘how big the star in the sky is.’ Just as man has made all these facilities possible for himself, man must also take steps to make peace possible in this world.

There is a story. A man was riding his bicycle to get to work. Suddenly, the tire of his bicycle punctured. Sadly, he looked around, wondering if there was a bicycle repair shop that would solve the problem. He looked at his watch and thought, 'Oh! I could not reach the place I should have reached on time. 'He is worried about this. "It's not going to be good," he says.

All of a sudden he saw a shopkeeper sitting in a small bicycle repair shop some distance away. Poor thing, he kept a few items in the shop to repair his bicycle and sat sadly. Because no one had come to him to build a bicycle. Everyone's bicycles were running well. At that moment, the person with the punctured bicycle reached there and said, ‘This bicycle has a punctured tire. Make it. 'After seeing him, the shopkeeper said happily,' Oh my God! Thank you so much! These people's bicycles got better after being punctured. Now I will make his bicycle and I will get some money to eat. '

This means that happiness and sorrow continue to happen in this world. Some are sad, some are happy because of that sadness. But, people don't want to understand this. He forgets the basic goal of making this life successful by living in peace.

A kind of peace is also one that depends on the situation. When everything is fine, it is experienced. But, another peace is that in which man can feel that peace within himself no matter what the situation. Man is doing everything he can to bring peace to the world. But, he does not try to know that 'that peace' is not far from him. That is within. People are making all kinds of tools to get the same peace. From that, not peace, but revolution is definitely taking place. Because peace is something to be experienced.

The good news is that the peace we seek is not far off. That is within us. No matter how hard a person tries, he will be troubled until he finds inner peace. Peace on this earth is possible only after every person experiences peace.

This can be illustrated by an example. If a stadium is to be illuminated by bright light, every bulb connected to it must be lit. This earth is like a stadium and every human being is a bulb. Just as every bulb needs to be lit to illuminate the whole area of ​​the stadium, so everyone has that potential. He can experience peace in his life. This will make peace possible on earth.

Everyone needs peace. There is a possibility of peace in the heart of every individual. Life will be successful only when there is peace in the heart. Otherwise, we have come to this world and one day we have to leave here.

People say, ‘We came empty-handed and have to go empty-handed.’ You must have come into this world empty-handed, but you don’t have to go empty-handed. If there is one thing that can be taken away, there is only one thing and that is peace.

If we want peace in the world, we must first establish peace in our own little world. If there is unrest going on somewhere, it is not because of anyone else, it is because of the people themselves. Real peace is that which man can experience within himself. If there is no peace inside man, peace outside is impossible.

People should feel that there is peace in me. "I am a part of this peace and it depends on me. Peace is really possible if I try. 'For this, everyone must participate and take a step towards' peace'.

- Words from Prem Rawat