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How to Prepare for Competitive Exam - Easy Tips

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How to Prepare for Competitive Exam

If you want to pass any competitive exam now, if you want to qualify in that exam, then you have to follow the right method for that. You have to prepare for that exam with time. But many people are worried about how to prepare for any competitive exam and why not?

Every year many students fill the form to get government jobs and only a few students get selected. So, in the same way, you can guess how much the competition has increased, so if you also want to get success in this competition, then for this you have to work very hard to pass that exam. And also you have to prepare properly. So to know how to prepare for the competitive exam, do read this article till the end.

To crack any competitive exam, it is most important that you make a timetable to prepare for the exam. Whatever the syllabus of the exam, whatever the subject, you have to make a timetable and according to that timetable you have to study and prepare accordingly. But keep in mind that while making the timetable, it must be seen whether all the subjects are getting full time or not.

There will be many subjects in the competitive exam you are going to take, there will be many subjects and out of all those subjects there will be some subjects which you will not like, but still, you will have to study that subject. Whatever subject you do not like, you should give a little more time to that subject. So that you can prepare well in that subject also.

If you look at the paper of any competitive exam, there are questions about maths, reasoning, general aptitude, general knowledge (GK), current affairs, English and history, etc.

How to prepare for the Reasoning Test:

Before this, you should know that what is reasoning test is and why reasoning questions are asked in every competitive exam? Reasoning questions are asked so that they can test your intelligence and know how quickly you can think, and in how much time you can answer any question. You have to use intelligence to solve the questions of reasoning. It is easy to answer such a question, but sometimes such questions are also asked whose answer becomes a bit difficult to find out.

In Reasoning questions, you are asked questions like age-related questions, coding-decoding, sitting arrangement, and Venn diagram. You have to solve it according to your intelligence. You can use any logic to solve that question. To prepare for reasoning, you should practice solving as many reasoning questions as possible. The more you practice, the more you will benefit, and now is the age of the internet, you will find many such reasoning-related questions on the internet and you are also told how to solve them.

Reasoning questions are asked in every competitive exam. Whether it is a competitive exam related to PSC, PPSC or Bank, the questions related to it always come.

How to prepare for quantitative aptitude - Maths related questions:

To solve math-related questions, you should remember all the concepts and all formulas of math. For this, you should make notes of all the formulas and concepts of mathematics and remember them.

When questions related to maths are asked in the exam, you will be able to find the answer to that question as soon as you remember math formulas and math concepts.

You remember the square and cube from 1 to 30. And also remember the shortcut tricks of math as well. For this, you can take the help of the internet. You will find all kinds of articles on the internet so that you can prepare for competitive exams.

How to prepare for General Knowledge (GK):

Questions related to General Knowledge are asked in every competitive exam. To prepare for general knowledge, you can take the help of any good book and together you will have to read the newspaper daily. Because a lot of questions related to current affairs are asked in the competitive exam. You watch the news every day on TV and read articles related to current affairs and general knowledge (GK) on the internet.

In some exams, you are asked questions related to science i.e. science. In which questions are asked about the principles of science, about a scientist. For this, you will also have to focus on general science. It is not necessary that you are preparing for general knowledge only from the book.

The best way to solve the question related to general knowledge is to read the newspaper daily, watch news channels on TV and read articles related to current affairs on the internet, and study from a good book.

How to prepare for English:

In English questions, you are asked questions of English grammar and other questions related to English are asked. For this, you have to understand English Grammar and all the basics of English. You don't have to remember English Grammar and the fundamentals of English, you have to try to understand it. If you keep on memorizing it then after a few days you will forget it and if you have understood all the basics of English well then you will always remember it.

You read English newspapers and try to understand English grammar from any good book. Today English is very important, and English has become very important for us. You should not do English only to clear the competitive exam but prepare for English thinking that I want to learn the English language. So you will be able to understand the basics of English in a better way and you will have confidence whether I can do it or not.

And most importantly, solve the question paper of the last 3 to 4 years of the competitive exam you are preparing for and see what type of questions are asked. So that you can get an idea of ​​how I have to prepare. You will find many more question papers on the internet which you try to solve.

The most important part of passing the government exam or any competitive exam is your confidence, your confidence. You have to take this decision in your mind that I will pass this exam easily.