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Importance of Hard Work to Human Life

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Importance of Hard Work to Human Life

Importance of Hard Work to Human Life

Hard work means hard work that a scholar said the human to be insulted by giving an example of an ant. The smallest life of the Ant is a life full of life. Ant easily removes the big mountain. Hardly anyone saw the ant sleeping or sitting comfortably. Ant works hard, so it lacks the shortage. Ant solves life problems with its labor easily. So can humans not face difficult problems in the world, it is not easy to do the nuns with their labor. If he wants, he can remove the roads by cutting the mountains, tie the human-made rivers and make the bridge, it can facilitate contraceptive routes. What is such a thing that is not hard?

Napoleon's diary was not a word like impossible. There is no hard word in the world to achieve the goal of Karmaveer, conviction, great men. The hardworking person is constantly moving towards his goal, natural causes cannot be constructed even on the way of dissolution. Success gives the same person who has worked to achieve it. The first class embraces the same students, who work hard for the whole year to achieve it. The ordinary person is also a great industrialist with his hard work. The bread kept in the plate does not go into the mouth without labor, even without chewing cannot go into the stomach. If the work is not proved even after attempts, then it should be considered that what was lacking in it?

Importance of Hard Work and Planning in a Success

There is a dire need of hard work for the success of life. The lazy dreamer and idiotic person do not succeed in any area of life. There is no present and future of lazy people. Like the animal, it goes just as it comes. The person is the same, the life of the same person is meaningful, and who has risen with his own nation. Life without effort is useless.

The second name of labor is life. The person who does not have hard work in life cannot move ahead, where he is born, someday he will dry on earth somewhere in that place. It is like a pond in which water comes from nothing and does not come out. When the rain fell, it was a little filled up and rotting in it. The wanders also run away from his stink, no one likes to come near.

Human life is for the struggle, after Struggling it succeeds. There is a lot of hard work in the struggles. The person, who is afraid of labor, is struggling with struggles, he is not a human being, not an animal, he is a rooted tree, where he is born; he is to be discolored. The importance of diligence or karma was given by Krishna teaching the Arjuna in the Gita –

Remember me and fight in the world, fight, war, success will definitely get. Gajraj, if Mriga (Deer) lived in sleeping, then probably no wild animal would be present there for his food. He has to roam for his life, has to jump and jump, then somewhere the king of the forest fills his stomach. If he is idle in his own place, he may die of hunger. It is also said

The work of man is accomplished through hard work and industriousness, not only by desire, as the deer does not enter the mouth of the lion in the face of sleep. The man who was diligent in his life, the more struggles and difficulties he took, in the end, the more progress he made –

Only on God's will and on the support of fate, it is cowardly and imperishable. Man is the creator of his own destiny. The sugar that will be added to the milk, the milk will be as sweet as milk. The one who has worked for the purpose of life, he should have achieved so much success, even then God helps him, who is capable of doing his own self; God is disturbed by the cowardly and unkempt. There is a saying –

"God helps those who help themselves."

Diligence is the real worship of a person. The greatest benefit of man is to work harder, it attains spiritual peace, its heart is pure; in his resolutions, the realization of his true glory, he attains true austerity, receives advancement in her personal life.  What do men do not work for the advancement of life, till the bad thing is done to do bad things? But if he succeeds in taking the key diligence of the lock, then success starts kissing the steps of that mind. He progressively progresses on the peak of progress and prosperity.

If still remained idle and lazy today, then the self-sufficient will be lost again. Today we are in dire need of hard-working young men, which can advancement our life.

The real pleasure and peace of life come from man, from his own work. When the fruit of diligence occurs before him; so his heart starts to excite, he experiences self-realization. The laborer never lacks an object, he does not have any hesitation in spreading his hand in front of anyone, and he believes in his labor, he knows that can get whatever wants, he is always self-sufficient.

By diligence, the heart of man becomes pure like the river. All the evils of the world, nostalgic emotions, persecute those who have no time to think about them and neither have the means to fulfill them. Where is the time for the diligent to think about all these things? He has sacrificed the mischief in the form of hard work.

The empty brain is the home of the devil, as is true with the English proverb - "An empty mind is a devil's workshop." Where is busy, there is excessive work, where is the place for all these things? Just as the conscience of man is sanctified by worshiping God, so the heart of man remains pure from the diligence, he forgets the world completely, and his mind is drawn to the world, towards a certain goal.

By diligence, man receives both success and wealth. A man also accepts hard work. Such people have been seen who started their business from a small amount and became millionaires in a few years on the basis of their tireless hard work and bravery. As far as the relation of success is concerned, the hardworking man gets alive even while he is alive and also the death is infinite. While living, the people of the society believe in him, his glory is sung in his caste and city. After death, he leaves an ideal, on which, future prospects pave its path. People build their own and their children's paths from his success story.                                                                        

Good Health comes from hard work. Those who are framed by day and night, they are seen healthy, they never get sick, and they never have any disease. On the contrary, those who eat only and are lying on mattresses and pillows, their appearance is yellow and they spend the day's expenses of doctors.

Those who cannot do their work themselves do not work hard with their hands and feet, their body functions become powerless. The survival or death of such persons is both the same. By working hard, new power, new energy and new consciousness rise in man. She is always happy and worried. Lazy people are of irritable and rude nature.

The great men evaluated the importance of hard work in life. They knew that hard work does not only result in physical advancement but also spiritual progress. James Ramsay MacDonald was only a poor worker, but on the strength of his relentless hard work, one day became Prime Minister of England.

If we want to make our own advancement, then hard working is necessary. We have to be hard-working. Today, hard work is going to end. All the people are ready to cook baking, no one wants to cook. If we are in this situation, then whatever we have left till now, one day it will be lost. Our welfare can happen only when we do our work, our business, our industry, our agriculture, and all our work, except laziness, with our own hands. One thing in life is to break the knot "Diligence is life, idleness is death."