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Movie Based on the Life of Mathematician Shakuntala Devi Preparing to Release on July 31

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Mathematician Shakuntala Devi

Movie Based on the Life of Mathematician Shakuntala Devi Preparing to Release on July 31:

The film 'Shakuntala Devi' based on the life of Shakuntala Devi is being prepared to be shown on Amazon Prime from July 31. Many people find it difficult to read mathematics. But Shakuntala Devi would solve big math problems in an instant. She was given the title of 'Human Computer'. Her biography is very interesting. So it was decided to show it on the big screen so that the fear of mathematics would be removed from the child's mind.

Talented Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has played the role of Shakuntala Devi. One of the songs of the film 'Paas Nahi To Fail Nahi' was released. Vidya was with about 6,000 people in the program. School principals, teachers, students, and media personnel were also present on the occasion. The song was made public at the ceremony and Vidya was also felicitated.

Does Vidya like math? What kind of mathematics student was she in her student life? Such questions were asked to him. "I was good at math," she said. I loved playing with numbers. I would often look at the number plate of the car or bus and add those numbers. 'He also remembered the phone number.

Did she hear about Shakuntala Devi? ‘When I was little, I didn’t know much about Shakuntala Devi. But I had heard the name. I knew she would solve math problems immediately, ”she said.

What is it about Shakuntala Devi's life that needs to be shown on the big screen? To this question, Vidya says, ‘Many students are afraid of mathematics when mathematics is everywhere in life. You look at the time, you call, the math comes somewhere. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. "

Praising Shakuntala Devi, Vidya says, "I knew her intimately during the preparation of this film. I had never seen such a woman. Shakuntala was fearless. She was a human-computer. She has written many books. She traveled extensively. Mathematical Soma faced big celebrities. She excelled in astrology. She loved life very much. A foodie, she loved to dress and dance. '

Regarding the film's song 'Pass Nahi To Fel Nahi', Vidya said, 'This song was filmed with 80 children at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. It was a lot of fun shooting with the kids. '

Directed by Anu Menon and produced by Sony Pictures Networks Produced by Vikram Malhotra, Shakuntala Devi stars Vidya Balan alongside Jesus Sen Gupta, Sanya Malhotra, and Amit Sadh. The script of the film is written by Anu Menon and Nayanika Maharani and the dialogues are written by Isita Moitra.