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The Psychology of Death and Dying Stages - Scientific Research

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Psychology of Death and Dying Stages

According to some psychologists, this reality often stirs up and brothers in people's jaws, if you are the only big Alexander of destiny, even that you and all the people you know will die. This is the truth that man runs. Many of our everyday things, such as worshiping, eating vegetables and other healthful things, reading and writing books, making new companies and increasing the family are the attempts to deny this reality. Those who are well-being have a sense of death in their subconscious mind, but they are descended from minds. Chris Feudtner, a doctor of the Pennsylvania University of America, says that "we are so busy in our everyday life that we forget the truth of death. The challenges that we face are spent most of our energy." What if this uncertainty ends? What will happen if we get to know the day, time and method of our death? However, this is impossible. However, if we know the fixed day and time of the fixed die, then perhaps we are more motivated to work better or to give new meaning to our life. Firstly, we have to understand the psychology of death and dying stages.

 In the 1980s, it was researched in many countries of the world that how the feeling of death affects people's behavior. How do its anxiety and discomfort affect our personality? Sheldon Solomon, professor of psychology at Skidmore College, New York, says, "We are the only ones who are breathing, eating and smelling and feeling about themselves like the rest of the other animals, who are ending at any time Can.”

Sheldon Solomon says that the human race runs from the management theory. He faces the fear of death by being influenced by the surrounding environment, thinking, and culture. He realizes that he is the key to this world of his own. Humans explain themselves that their life also has meaning. Otherwise, the realization of death will kill the person alive.

Thousands of thousands have come to know about how the reality of death affects our thinking. Their results say that as soon as we realize the true truth of death. We fear those basic values, among whom we have grown up. People start believing that they are important for the world. Those who challenge our thinking become aggressive towards them.

If the word of death is also seen for 42.8 milliseconds on the computer screen, or there is a long discussion on death at the time of the funeral, the behavior of people in both the situations is changed by facing this bitter truth. When we are made to realize the death, then we try to be close to those who are like us in appearance, eating, and living. Whose religious and political views are like us and those who live in our area?

Beyond this, when we come to know about death, we become aggressive and violent towards those who look different from us. We begin to promise more loyalty towards our romantic partner. From fear of death, people vote for leaders with the stern and strange image. Many times we become suicidal even with the death feeling. Drink more alcohol, start smoking Leave abstinence in food and shopping. Then we do not even care about the environment. So, does it mean that, if the time of death is known then society will become more racist, fearsome, violent, talk of war, harm to you and a greater danger to the environment?

Psychologists say that there is no such thing to fear. Researchers like Sheldon Solomon believe that after thinking of death, human beings will be more understanding. That fear will try to improve it. Scientists give examples of Buddhist monks of South Korea for this. Reminded of his death, his behavior becomes even calmer. Even when people are asked what their death will have on family, their thinking changes. Then they become more altruistic thinking people. Prepare quickly to give blood. They think that if they can do something better for society, then life will get the purpose.

Now, on the basis of these experiments, it can be said that in order to know the date of death, maybe the person and the sensible. Taking a long time to live a life filled with responsibility. Eva Yonas, the psychologist of the Salzburg University of Austria, says, "If we inspire people to accept the truth that death is part of life, then our everyday behavior will change very much. The view of things will change too." When it realizes that every person is riding on the same boat, then there will be a change in the way of death and harm.

How we will take death as a society, it will depend on how human beings will see death, and this personal thinking will change according to the personality of every human being. Laura Blackie of the Nottingham University of Britain says that "The more people will be worried about their worries, the more they will go to the point of death. Such people will not be able to give new meaning to life, but if anyone is told that they are 90 years old He will die in peace while sleeping in the age. So, perhaps he will say that he is fine and will go ahead on the journey of life. "

Life will end in 13 years, or in 113, the mentality of the sick people on the mind of the person can have a lot of light. Ill people often fall prey to two types of thoughts. At first, he expresses doubt about the investigation of his illness. Raise the question that there is so much truth in it. Then they think how to use the remaining life better. Either they put all their energy in to defeat the disease and to do something new. Or, remembering the good aspects of life that have been spent so far in peace, and being good at spending a good time with their close people.

Chris Feudtner of Pennsylvania University says that when people watch the clock of death, they are afraid to walk in two different directions. Those who want to go in the direction of defeating, they start fighting with the power of avoiding death. Someone is told that if he dies due to drowning, then that person gets involved in the rigorous training of swimming. Similarly, if someone is told that he will die in a road accident, then he will not go out of the house.

According to Chris, some people also go on a path to deceit. This gives them the feeling of control over the situation themselves. Those who get death sentence accepting destiny, they think of using the remaining time for better use. It becomes socially, and culturally more creative. Chris says, "Knowing the day of death will bring a better character, then we will be motivated to contribute more to our family and society."

Laura Blakey says that these positive changes have been noticed in those who have gone through horrible experiments. They begin to understand the importance of life more intelligently. Well, there are some people who look close to death and put weapons. They think that when death is to be done, then what is the use of doing anything? Their drinking and smoking make it faster. Many people start taking drugs too. Then they start taking care of health. By the way, Sheldon Solomon says that after knowing the day of death most people will choose the middle path. Sometimes they will make random food. Then their behavior will also be more responsible for society and family.

Chris Feudtner says that human beings generally get stressed by change. Here, the meaning of life will change. If we live in any corner of the world, the day of death will be known, and then our everyday life will be completely changed. Many people will take help from psychiatrists. Then some will resort to religion. Their faith in religious rituals will increase. The cycle of going to church, temple or mosque will be intensified. Some experts say that the foundation of our current religious beliefs will be shaken. It may be that after the rise of the new religion.

The decision on the day of death will have a profound effect on our relationships too. Maybe people should find a life partner whose death day is close to the day of their death. Maybe the dating app can put such filters so that you can easily match your romantic partner's date of death. The realization of death is due to the problem of separation from one of the biggest problems. In such a situation, why would people like to be with him who will be separated in the age of 40, while his own life will be 89 years?

Knowing the day of death, it may be that many parents also have the ability to do their pregnancy when they know that they will move away from them after a few days of child rearing, then to bring such a child to the world Futility will be realized from the cold. It may be that some people do not give birth to their children after knowing their day of death or they may also be given a lot of children. The rules for making the share of privacy on the day of death of the employees would be necessary so that their employment would not be affected. There should be no discrimination on this basis.

At the same time, those who contested will have to tell the date of death before the candidacy. The anomaly can stand when not told. Now if someone is going to die after three days of becoming a President, then why would he choose one? It may be that some people take tattoos on their body as a tattoo on their day of death. From which, in the event of an accident, people have an idea that tries to save his life or does not waste time in it.

It will also have a profound effect on the funeral business as it will not be able to cash in on the pain of separating people who are doing business in the misery of a person. That is, the customers will have more power. Just like today, people today try to choose their own death Give big, splendid parties, carry on with them. Just like that, people today try to choose their own death. Those who know that they will hurt people in the manner of their death, they may regret. Keep yourself isolated. In this, there is no double opinion that humanity will change a lot when the day of death is known. Writer Catlin Duchy says that human civilization has developed around the idea of death. In such a case, if everyone knows the day and the day of death, the foundation of our civilization will shake.

-From BBC Hindi