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The Frog & The Mouse - Moral Story

Motivation 14 Jun 2022 1954 0

The Frog and The Mouse

Once upon a time, a mouse and a frog were close friends. The frog often visited the mouse at his home and they both shared the food and provisions the mouse had stocked in abundance. 

One day, the frog invited the mouse to his house. The poor mouse didn't know how to swim. The frog told him that he would make the mouse sit on his back. The mouse immediately agreed. Halfway across the stream, the frog started to get wicked thoughts of eating the mouse. So, the wicked frog dive for the bottom of the steam.

The mouse realizing too late the betrayal of the frog started to cry for help. A hawk flying above the stream saw the scene and swooped down upon the mouse. The hawk picked him up with its beak and started to fly high into the sky. The frog tied to the mouse was also taken away. The frog realized his mistake. In his greed to get more food, he had not only his good friend but also put his own life in danger.