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7 Things to Know Before Your First Day at College

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7 Things to Know Before Your First Day at College

7 Things to Know Before Your First Day at College

For the first time in the process of getting admission in any college, students have to go through several halves. From the hard work of getting the best marks in the twelfth, on the basis of their marks percentage, the choice of courses and the admission to college, the students have to face hundreds of misconceptions. Naturally, during this time they have to face stress in order to make decisions. Because of this, decisions taken at this time seem to be the most important decisions of life.

All students have a dream that they go to college and enjoy the new environment there, but it is usually seen that students are surrounded by some expectations and anxieties after going there. Colleges can prove to be a better medium for you to achieve the goal, provided you understand its strengths and establish harmony with it. Here we are giving some tips, which will help you in conforming to the college environment.

1. Talk to everyone:

Talk to everyone after going to college. Do not be in a race to make as many friends as possible, or restrict you by joining a particular group. Before making someone friend or becoming someone's friend, take sufficient time to know and understand him or her.

2. Participate in the events:

During Fresher’s Week, there are many types of programs in the college. According to skill, participate in more than these. The enthusiasm attached to these programs is transient and it does not always need to be maintained. It is an opportunity to meet new people in a way.

3. Live your way:

Apart from coming back to class only and listening to lectures, if you are not having any involvement with the campus, then understand that you are being deprived of many things. You spend more time with your colleagues at the campus. This gives you an opportunity to get new ideas, beliefs, ambitions, and lifestyles. It is possible that this newness proves to be better for you and something to be creative. Start thinking seriously about what you want to be a human being and do not set limits on your abilities.

4. Wear Comfortable Dress:

Wear the same clothes in college, which are comfortable and you look good. This will make you feel confident and your body language will look better too.

5. Do not let Nervousness Dominate:

Upon reaching college, you will meet many students whose gestures will show you deep confidence. But that does not mean there is no nervousness inside them. This is a new experience for all the students entering college. So do not think that one is you, who are getting nervous. There are people of this count, who, without any difficulty, in a new environment are easily erased.

6. Look around campus:

Apart from sitting in class and listening to lectures, make sense from the surrounding world. Also know about the facilities available in the college (library, sports room, lab, auditorium and cultural society etc.) and use them. This will help you develop new trends and refine yourself.

7. Do not hesitate to ask questions:

Ask someone in your class, know the way to go to a building or ask a professor about a topic, it is important to ask for a question. If you feel something weird when asking questions, do not do this. Because of the status of the rest of the new students is also the same as you. So do not hesitate to ask something.

You will face these things in college

  • If you have chosen a course different from your own desire, then you will need to re-set your goal.
  • Learn your classmates and some of them
  • There will be a chance to find your way (at the level of thinking and personality).
  • The challenge of molding yourself according to the new environment.
  • The lesson to read and understand at least in the short term.
  • The situation of loneliness is also possible in the event of more distance from home, but the new friends will get the opportunity to overcome it.
  • In the life of the college, you owe yourself like a boss, so be careful about your decisions.