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Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Revised Notice for 11th Level Officer Promotion Application

News 10 May 2023 1300 0

Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Revised Officer 11th Level Promotion Notification by Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Province

The Province Public Service Commission of Bagmati Province in Hetauda, specifically the Administration and Information Publication Branch, has recently issued a revised notification regarding the promotion of officers to the 11th level. This revision was deemed necessary to make certain amendments and adjustments to the original promotion notification published in the Gorkha Patra on 2080/01/11.

In accordance with the commission's decision made on 2080/01/26, various revisions and modifications have been implemented to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the promotion process. The purpose of this publication is to inform all concerned parties about these changes.

The revised promotion process for the 11th-level officers is primarily based on seniority and performance appraisal. To facilitate a smooth transition and effective execution, several key points and deadlines have been outlined:

  1. Registration of applications is open until 2080/02/07. Prospective candidates must ensure that their applications are submitted within this deadline to be considered for promotion.
  2. Applications previously submitted in response to the pre-published notification will remain valid. However, individuals who have applied for non-grouped positions are required to confirm their respective group or sub-group affiliation before sending their applications. Failure to do so will result in the promotion committee establishing groups or subgroups based on the documents submitted.
  3. Starting from 2080/02/27, any amendments to the applications must be clearly stated. If there are any changes or updates after this date, applicants are obligated to provide the relevant details in their application to ensure transparency and accuracy.

The Bagmati Province Public Service Commission is committed to conducting a fair and efficient promotion process for officers at the 11th level. By considering both seniority and performance appraisal, the commission aims to reward deserving individuals and enhance the overall effectiveness of public service in the province.

Prospective applicants are advised to thoroughly review the revised promotion notification and ensure compliance with the mentioned deadlines and requirements. Any inquiries or clarifications regarding the promotion process can be directed to the Administration and Information Publication Branch of the Province Public Service Commission in Hetauda.

PPSC Bagmati Notice Bagmati Pradesh

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