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Lok Sewa Aayog's 63rd Annual Report for FY 2078 / 079

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Public Service Commission's (Lok Sewa Aayog) 63rd Annual Report for FY 2078/079

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has submitted its 63rd annual report for the fiscal year 2078/079 in accordance with Article 294 of the Constitution of Nepal. The report sheds light on the various activities carried out by the commission throughout the year.

1. Advertising

During FY 2078/079, PSC received requests from various service operating bodies for filling up of vacancies, leading to the publication of 1,397 advertisements and promotional notices, including 582 promotion notices, 125 internal competitive advertisements, 252 open competitive advertisements, and 438 inclusive group advertisements. Out of these, 1,233 were for promotion, 271 for internal competition, 1,206 for open competition, and 1,171 for inclusive competition, inviting applications for a total of 3,727 posts.

2. Application

PSC received a total of 365,434 applications through the commission's online application system for internal, open, and inclusive group advertisements published during the fiscal year. Applications were received from all districts of Nepal, with Saptari, Dhanusha, Sarlahi, Mahottari, and Siraha being the districts with the highest number of applications, and Manang, Mustang, Rasuwa, Dolpa, and Mugu with the lowest number of applications. 36 advertisements received no applications.

3. Exam

PSC prepared and used 1,779 sets of revised question papers for various civil service examinations, with 1,28,060 candidates appearing for the examinations, including 48,653 female and 79,407 male candidates. A total of 53 candidates, including five women and 48 men, were prosecuted for irregularity in the examination.

4. Answer Book Marking and Testing

PSC marked a total of 15,50,123 answer sheets, including 5,46,913 for civil service, 3,21,726 for security agencies, and 6,81,484 for organized organizations, and tested them with the help of experts.

5. Interview and recommendation

During the fiscal year, 2,672 candidates, including 738 women and 1,934 men, were recommended for permanent appointment in civil service. The average age of recommended candidates (including internal competition) was 31 years, and the highest number of recommended candidates were from Syangja, Kathmandu, Gulmi, Morang, and Arghakhanchi districts, while no candidate was recommended from the Manang district. A significant number of candidates were recommended for filling up vacancies that were blocked due to various reasons.

6. Inclusive Recruitment

PSC advertised a total of 2,223 posts for six inclusive groups during FY 2078/079 and recommended 1,023 candidates for permanent appointment, including 380 women, 288 tribals/tribals, 191 Madhesi, 74 Dalits, 53 disabled candidates, and 37 candidates for backward areas. In the last 15 years, a total of 22,692 candidates from all-inclusive groups were recommended for permanent appointment.

7. Recruitment of Security Agencies and Organizations

PSC conducted the written examination for filling up the posts of security agencies and organized organizations since FY 2073/074. During FY 2078/079, the commission approved the publication of advertisements for filling up 20,353 posts in three security agencies and 26 organized organizations, with 777 posts being advertised by related agencies. A total of 31,349 candidates were selected from the written examination conducted by the commission and sent to the vacancy committee of the relevant agency for interview.

8. Consultation

In the fiscal year 2078-079, a total of 40 consultations were provided to various agencies regarding employment law, service conditions, and departmental punishments. The commission received 97 promotion recommendations from promotion committees, resulting in 28 complaints, and 18 promotions were revised after addressing the complaints. Furthermore, 29 employees, including 17 gazetted and 12 non-gazetted, received departmental punishments, and a maximum of 14 Branch Officers received counseling for disciplinary issues or similar concerns.

9. Complaint Management

The Public Service Commission has established a Complaint Management System to handle complaints related to the selection process, examination, interview, and other issues. During the financial year 2078/079, a total of 1,032 complaints were filed in the commission's complaint management system. Of these, 664 complaints have been resolved while the remaining complaints are under investigation.

10. Training and Development

The Public Service Commission has been conducting training and development programs for its employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. During the financial year 2078/079, a total of 31 training and development programs were conducted, and 602 employees participated in these programs.

The commission also conducted an orientation program for newly appointed officers to provide them with an overview of the commission's functioning, policies, and procedures.

Overall, the annual report of the Public Service Commission provides an overview of the commission's work in the financial year 2078/079. The commission has made significant progress in the recruitment process and has established various systems to handle complaints and provide training to its employees. The inclusive recruitment process has also been successful in promoting diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates. The commission aims to continue its efforts to improve the recruitment process and provide quality services to the public.

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