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ADBL Published Promotion List of 8th Level Branch Head

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Agricultural Development Bank Limited Building

Agricultural Development Bank Limited Human Resources Management Department Notification Regarding Promotion Results

The Agricultural Development Bank Limited's Department of Manpower Management has released a notification regarding the publication of the results of the promotion (promotion) by Mr. Line of the function. The notice was published on 2074/12/07, and it has been decided that promotion by performance appraisal will be used for the recruitment of six Branch Head positions at the Technical Level Officer Level with an 8th Level designation. The promotion notification publication date is 2079/03/24.

Recruitment Details and Requirements

The recruitment process for the six vacant Branch Head positions will be done through performance evaluation promotion (promotion). The potential candidates up to 2078 Ashad end will be evaluated based on the provisions in the regulation 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the Krishi Bikas Bank Limited Staff Service Regulations, 2062. The work in the field will be classified based on performance evaluation, seniority of service, educational qualification, and geography.

Order of Merit and Seniority

The order of merit will be maintained while calculating the points for doing, and seniority will be applied from the date of publication of the notification as per the decision of the Appointments Committee dated 12/07/2079. For the purpose of Regulation 25 of Chapter 2 of the Staff Service Regulations, 2062, this notice is published for the information of all concerned in accordance with sub-regulation (1) of Regulation 24 of the same chapter.

Advertisement Details

The advertisement number for this recruitment is 4/2078-74. The notification regarding the recruitment process for the six Branch Head positions has been published to inform all concerned candidates about the recruitment process and the requirements for the job. The promotion by performance appraisal process will ensure that the most deserving candidates are selected for the vacant positions at the Agricultural Development Bank Limited.

Sifaris Notice Promotion List (Badhuwa Suchi)

Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ADBL)

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