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Civil Aviation Academy Nepal (CAAN) Published Result of Trainee AAA-009

Result 13 Apr 2021 176 0

Civil Aviation Academy Nepal (CAAN) Published Result of Trainee AAA-009

Civil Aviation Academy Nepal (CAAN) Published Result of Trainee AAA-009:

Advertisement No. 6-10 / 076-77 of Civil Aviation Training Institute, ATC Licensing, Aerodrome Control and AFIS Course (AAA-009) for the post No. 16 (sixteen); Based on the marks of the 21 candidates selected for the interview from the written examination conducted by the Public Service Commission on the date 2077-12-27 and the 21 (twenty-one) candidates present in the interview conducted on 28th December, including the marks of the written examination and the average marks of the interview; As the following qualification order has been maintained, the decision has been taken by the Examination Steering Committee on 2077-12-30 to select the following trainees; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned.

Selected trainees are required to undergo a health examination at their own expense by a Civil Aviation Health Examiner / Supervisor as specified by the Civil Aviation Authority within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice and submit a recommendation for ATS training from ATC Licensing Class III Medical Report. Forms related to health examination will be made available from this establishment.

The successful trainees will be informed about the attendance as the training will be conducted on Monday, 31st Jestha, 2078 BS from 10:00 AM at this academy, Premises, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

This notice can also be viewed on the website of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters and on the website of this establishment