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Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited IPO Result Published

Result 22 Jun 2022 3337 0

Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited IPO

IPO of Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited has been allotted (IPO Result Published). The IPO issued by the company on Jestha 26 was distributed at 9 am today. The IPO was distributed at the office of the company's sales manager Siddhartha Capital.

Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited's IPO had received 1.471 million 665 applications. Of them, 1.47 million 783 applications have been approved while the remaining 882 applications have been rejected, according to Capital. Out of the approved applications, 2 lakh 1 thousand 986 applicants have received shares of the company at the rate of 10 units. Out of them, 9 lucky ones have got one more unit of share. In other words, 9 lucky applicants got 11 units.

The company had distributed 2,97,840 shares to the residents of the project-affected areas and issued 2,195,509 ordinary shares at the face value of Rs 100 per share.

Out of this, 3 percent or 65 thousand 865 shares have been reserved for the employees of the company while 5 percent or 1 lakh 9 thousand 775 shares have been distributed to the collective investment funds. Only the remaining 2 million 19 thousand 839 shares have been distributed to the general investors.

As more applications were received than the demand, the company's shares were distributed at the rate of at least 10 units through a round-robin as per the Securities Issuance and Distribution Directive.

How to Check IPO Result of Dordi Khola Hydropower:

Learn How to Check IPO result /allotment in Nepal. Learn the fastest and easiest way to check all companies' IPO results in Nepal. Follow a few steps to check an IPO result.

You have to follow the following instructions to check the IPO result of Dordi Khola Hydropower from the MeroShare (CDSC) website:

Step 1: Log on to (Check Here)

Step 2: You will view this type of interface on your device.

Step 3: Type your 16-digit BOID Number (Beneficial Owner Identification Number)

Step 4: Click on View Result Tab. 

Finally, you will get the result message on the interface.

(Note: The IPO result will be shown after the share allotment and upload data on the server, it will take a few hours after the announcement)

Other Ways to Check IPO Result of Dordi Khola Hydropower:

1) MeroShare Official Website:

2) Dordi Khola Hydropower IPO result (Check IPO Result on Siddhartha Capital Limited) Website: 

(Please select company name and provide DEMAT No. to view IPO result Select Company name and Type DEMAT Number).

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