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EPS Korea Passer List of EPS -TOPIK 2023 (Manufacturing Sector)

Result 11 May 2024 52456 0

EPS Korea

EPS Korea Passer List of EPS -TOPIK 2023 (Manufacturing Sector)- Result

Successful Candidates and Examination Process

In 2024, a significant number of Nepali applicants participated in the first phase of the Employment Permit System (EPS) examinations. A total of 5,753 candidates successfully passed both the language and skill tests required to work in production roles under EPS.

Initially, 40,580 individuals participated in the language test out of a target of 47,515. From these, 6,321 candidates moved on to pass the skill test.

The Foreign Employment Department revealed that the remaining 77 candidates were not present for the skill test, leaving their eligibility pending.

Medical Examination and Further Procedures

  • The candidates who passed are scheduled for a medical examination between May 31st and June 3rd. The designated hospitals for these examinations include Patan Hospital Lagankhel, Shuvram Raj Tropical Hospital Tekuu, Nepal Korea Friendly Hospital Bhaktapur, and Civil Hospital Meen Bhavan.

Announcements and Future Stages

  • The Human Resources Department (HRD) of the South Korean government has disclosed the results for these examinations. While passing these tests is an essential step, it does not guarantee employment in Korea but places the candidates on a roster for potential selection.
  • The ongoing process is expected to extend till December, covering three phases of examinations as per the statement from Maiyan Kandel, the director of the branch.

Increasing Opportunities for Nepali Workers

  • South Korea has raised the quota for Nepali workers for 2024, enhancing the likelihood of employment for many. In comparison to 19,698 workers in 2023, already 2,792 Nepalis have traveled to Korea this year under EPS.
  • The expansion in sectors from traditional agriculture and animal husbandry to include manufacturing, ship building, forestry, service, and root industries signifies broader opportunities for Nepali labor in South Korea.

Sector Change for Registered Candidates

  • Out of those listed on the roster, 691 individuals have successfully changed their designated service sectors. This shift came after 3,500 people requested a change, indicating a flexible approach by the EPS Korea branch to accommodate the preferences and skills of the workers.

This update highlights the structured approach and increasing integration of Nepali labor into South Korea's economy, presenting numerous opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers from Nepal.

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