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EPS Korean Language Test Results Published 2024 (Manufacturing)

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EPS Korea

EPS Korean Language Test Results Published 2024 (Manufacturing)

First Phase Examination Results

The EPS Korea branch, managed by HRD Korea, has released the results for the first phase of examinations for the manufacturing sector positions. These exams were conducted from the 7th of Falgun to the 24th of Chaitra, 2080, with 40,580 candidates participating, of whom 6,321 advanced to the next round.

Upcoming Examinations Schedule

  • Second Phase: This stage is scheduled from the 9th to the 15th of Baisakh, 2081. It will include skills and competency assessments at the Nepal Administrative Training Institute. Candidates are reminded that they must present their original passport and admit card for entry, and no rescheduling is allowed.
  • Third Phase: A larger cohort of 79,937 candidates will be assessed from the 31st of Baishakh to the 16th of Shrawan, 2081, narrowing down to 36,179 participants for the final round.

Application Overview

A total of 163,635 applicants have expressed interest in opportunities within Korea’s manufacturing sector through the Employment Permit System (EPS). For 2023, the sector anticipates employing 15,448 individuals, reflecting a competitive selection environment.

Key Reminders for Candidates

Candidates must adhere to the examination schedule and bring the required documents; failure to comply will result in denied entry. This strict adherence ensures a fair testing process for all candidates involved.


As EPS Korea facilitates employment opportunities within Korea’s robust manufacturing sector, candidates are encouraged to prepare thoroughly and adhere to the stipulated examination protocols. With the examination phases stretching into early 2081, participants have sufficient time to align their preparations with the demands of each testing stage.

Key Information:

  1. First Phase Examination:

    • Total Participants: 40,580
    • Candidates Passed: 6,321
  2. Second Phase Examination:

    • Scheduled Dates: From the 9th to the 15th of Baisakh, 2081
    • Total Expected Participants: 79,937 in the second phase
    • Location: Nepal Administrative Training Institute
  3. Third Phase Examination:

    • Scheduled Dates: From the 31st of Baishakh to the 16th of Shrawan, 2081
    • Participants for Third Phase: 36,179
  4. General Statistics:

    • Total Applications Received: 163,635
    • Estimated Employment Opportunities for 2023: 15,448 positions available in Korea's manufacturing sector

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