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Fastest Way to Check IPO Result of Singati Hydropower

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Singati Hydropower IPO

Fastest Way to Check IPO Result of Singati Hydropower:

Singati Hydropower (Singati Hydro Energy) Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO) result published on 27th Chaitra 2077 (2021 April 9, Friday), 11:00 AM. Total 2,67,700 applicants got 10 units each. The IPO sales manager Mega Capital of Singati, has received applications from 16,22,721 applicants for the purchase of 2,47,10,880 shares.

The company has issued 2.69 million shares to the public, however, more than 9.29 times applications received.

Out of the 2.9 million IPOs sold by the company, 5 percent or 154,000 shares have been distributed to mutual investment funds and 2 percent or 58,000 shares have been distributed to employees. There was an arrangement for the general public to apply for the remaining 26 lakh 97 thousand shares.

How to Fast Check Singati Hydropower IPO Allotment (Result):

You have to follow the following instruction to fast check the IPO result of Singati:

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: You will see this type of interface on your device.

Step 3: Type your 16 digit BOID Number (Beneficial Owner Identification Number)

Step 4: Click on View Result Tab. 

Finally, you will get the result message on the interface.

Note: The IPO Result will be shown when the CDSC uploads the share allotment data to the server. Therefore, right now CDSC has not uploaded data to their server. You have to check some time later.

Other Website to Check Singati IPO Result:

The IPO result can be ckeck by  Mega Capital Markets (  MeroShare  ( and Singati Hydro Energy Limited (

The IPO of the company has been issued from 19th March to 23rd March 2021. The company issued 4.35 million units of IPO shares, out of which 1.45 million units already offered to locals of the project affected areas in the first phase, and the issue for the remaining shares 2.9 million units issued for individual, staffs, and mutual Fund investors.

The IPO has been given a ‘CARE-NP BB-(IS) issuer rating [Mederate risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligation]’ by credit rating agency Care Nepal. The rating indicates that the company's ability to bear financial obligations is moderate.

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