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Korean Language Test in Shipbuilding Sector Result and Name List

Result 27 Nov 2023 26718 0

EPS Korea

Successful Candidates Announced for Korean Language Test in Shipbuilding Sector

The EPS Korea branch has recently disclosed the results of the Korean language test, specifically designed for the shipbuilding sector in Korea. This announcement, made on Monday, marks a significant milestone for the numerous candidates who participated.

Key Highlights of the Language Test Results

  • Date of Result Announcement: Monday, September 18, 2023
  • Total Pass Rate: 12.6% of the total candidates who appeared for the language test.
  • Gender Breakdown of Successful Candidates:
    • Men: 3,901
    • Women: 197

Participation Overview

  • Total Candidates Appeared: 32,507
  • Total Registrations for the Exam: 35,478
  • Absentees: 2,971

Upcoming Steps for Successful Candidates

  • Further Testing: Candidates who have cleared the first phase, which is the language test, will now proceed to the second round. This round includes skill and competency tests.
  • Organizer: The tests are organized and managed by the EPS Korea branch.

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