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LLB Entrance Exam Result Published - TU Faculty of Law

Result 04 Nov 2021 5881 0

BA LLB Entrance Exam Result Published - TU Faculty of Law

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Nepal Law Campus, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu: (Click Here)

Mahendra Multiple Campus-Dharan (Click Here)

Mahendra Multiple Campus-Nepalgunj - (Click Here)

Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus - Rajbiraj - (Click Here)

Butwal Multiple Campus - For Butwal - (Click Here)

Harikhetan Multiple Campus-Birgunj - (Click Here)

LLB Entrance Exam Result Published - TU Faculty of Law: the result of the candidates appearing in the three-year LLB entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University Faculty of Law on 2078-5-19 and 2078-6-16 (Kathmandu) by the Dean's Office.

Based on the results of the examination, TU's affiliated campuses are Nepal Law Campus, Exhibition Road-600 seats, Mahendra Multiple Campus-Dharan, Mahendra Multiple Campus-Nepalgunj, Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus-Rajbiraj, Butwal Multiple Campus-Britwal 300 seats per campus and affiliation. The results of the candidates in the merit list for the 200 seats for Harikhetan Multiple Campus-Birgunj have been published.

Note: As the published results could not include the results of Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara due to special reasons, only the results of that campus will be published later.

1) Candidates on Merit List will have to apply within the date specified by the campus for admission to the concerned college (campus where they have filled the examination form).

2) The order of priority for admission of poor students in a reservation is as follows:

  • In the case of Adivasi / Janajati students, on the basis of the top-to-bottom classification made by the Adivasi Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan.
  • In the case of Madhesis, the backward Community Community Coordinating Committee (Formation and Operation) Rules of Procedure, 2071 BS has given priority to the students who have been categorized as unscheduled.
  • Students with disabilities have to choose from blue, yellow, and white on the basis of priority according to the identity card.
  • In the case of "others", those who bring the best marks out of the gender and sexual minorities and the economically deprived Khas Aryans will have to be judged on the basis of merit.
  • Since the permanent teachers working in the Tribhuvan University service, the children of the staff have to be provided two seats for admission in each undergraduate and postgraduate educational program to study in the affiliated campus under the study institute and faculty.
  • Admission of deprived class candidates will be on the basis of merit (Top to Bottom).

3) If no student is admitted within the stipulated date and the seat becomes vacant, admission will have to be taken from among the eligible students.

4) At the time of the statement, the students must submit the gross certificate of their educational qualification, and the equivalence certificate recognized by the students from the educational institution outside the TU must also submit.

5) If the certificates and letters of recommendation submitted for admission are found to be fake or if the certificate to be submitted is found to have been submitted without submission, such admission will be canceled automatically. In this way, the vacancies will have to be filled among the qualified students.

6) The Dean's Office shall have the right to investigate if the Dean's Office receives a complaint or information that no campus has admitted as per the rules. If the investigation confirms that the recruitment was done illegally, such recruitment will be canceled automatically. The Dean's Office will give instructions for the recruitment as per the rules. All fees paid by the enrolled student will have to be refunded immediately by the concerned campus.

7) The concerned campuses should provide the complete details of the said students within 15 days from the date of enrollment by mid-2078 Mangshir.