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Lok Sewa Aayog Weekly Notices 2080 Kartik 15

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Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) - Results Announcement

Central Office, Kamalpokhri, Information and Publication Branch Notification on Second Class (Non-Technical), Kharidar Exam Results

The Public Service Commission, Central Office, Kamalpokhri, is pleased to announce the results of the first stage of the written examination for the posts of Second Class (Non-Technical), Kharidar or equivalent positions.

Key Details:

  • Examination Date: The written examination was conducted on 2080/6/6.

  • Selection for the Second Stage: A specific number of candidates have been shortlisted from the first stage examination to proceed to the second stage.

  • Answer Sheet Issue: It's important to note that some candidates failed to mention the "key" on their answer sheets. Consequently, their results have been invalidated, and their examination has been cancelled.

  • Second Stage Examination Instructions: Candidates who have advanced to the second stage are reminded to:

    • Use the previous admit card from the first stage.

    • Attend the examination at the designated center provided by the commission office that conducted the first stage examination.

Where to Find More Information?

For comprehensive details and insights regarding the results of the first stage:

  • Official Website: Visit the Commission's official website at

  • Notice Board: Check the Public Service Commission's notice board.

  • Commission's Office: Relevant details can also be obtained directly from the appropriate offices of the Commission.

Public Service Commission (PSC) - Interview Notification

Offices under the PSC

All candidates who appeared in the written examination under the specified advertisement number, service, group, sub-group, category/level, and post of the Public Service Commission.


Certain candidates, identified by their roll numbers, names, and surnames, have been shortlisted for the interview process. The selected individuals are hereby notified about the upcoming interview and practical test.

Key Instructions for Shortlisted Candidates:

  • Documents to Bring:

    • Photos: 2 passport-sized photographs.

    • Certificates: Bring 2 copies of all relevant certificates along with their photocopies.

    • Application Form: 2 copies each of the first and second pages of your application form.

  • Timings: Ensure your presence at the venue 1 (one) hour prior to the scheduled time of the practical test and interview.

  • Public Holidays: In the event that the day of your practical test and interview coincides with a public holiday, please note that the program will proceed as originally planned without any changes.

Application Submission Extension Notification

Central Office, Kamalpokhri Information and Publications Branch

Notice no. 430/080-81

PSC would like to inform all the interested applicants about an extension in the application submission deadline.

Key Details:

  • Original Advertisement Date: The commission had initially announced the openings on 2080/6/25 for positions in the internal competitive and open categories for:

    • First and Second class (both non-technical and technical)

    • Eleventh and Ninth Level of Health Services

    • Officer First class of the National Human Rights Service

  • Original Submission Deadline: The original deadline for the application was set for 2080/7/22.

  • Extended Deadline: Following the decision of the Vyhora Commission on 2080/7/13, the application deadline has been extended:

    • For standard applications, the new deadline is now 2080/7/29.

    • For those applying for double duty, the submission period has also been extended to 2080/7/29.

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